Photo of Alison Wem

Born into a family with a long history of farming in Somerset, I grew up with a strong connection to nature and the elementals in day-to-day life. Many of my family members are natural psychic mediums and healers, and we were often called upon when an animal was ill and the vet was unable to help.

Through my growing years, my mother never suppressed any psychic experiences I had. She used to say it was good to have them and I should be thankful for what was being offered to me.

Unexpectedly widowed in my 40s, I suddenly found myself with two children, a demanding job and no husband. Not coping with life and with no-one to turn to, I needed help. In the early hours one night, newly widowed, I went within to confront my anguish. I found not chaos and more pain, but a space of calmness and a route to strength, love and guidance. This experience was pivotal to my life and I moved forward from widowhood by finding my own inner strength and wisdom which I did not know I possessed.

I went on to re-marry which brought three more lovely children into my life. All five children have now grown up and flown the nest.

I complimented business and family life with psychic mediumship, training at The College of Psychic Studies with Gerrie March. After a successful corporate career, I left to pursue my true dream of helping people to overcome their challenges to lead happier, healthier and more prosperous lives.

I would feel honoured if you choose to sit with me to enable me to bring you your messages and guidance from spirit and loved ones.