Photo of Bernadette Jaye

I work therapeutically as a healer, counsellor and psychotherapist, with a special interest in psycho-spiritual matters. I started work as a consultant at the College over ten years ago and was brought on board at the time to help with different types of psychic disturbance.

In the 1970s, some school friends and I started exploring altered states of consciousness, practicing raja yoga meditation and reading the work of Alice A. Bailey. We had many unusual experiences between us and it was a struggle to make sense of it all. Once I had finished my studies and became established in a publishing career, I took a more therapeutic approach to meditation and the transpersonal realm, learning how to centre, ground and mobilise healing resources through relaxation, the chakra system and image-work. Continuing to build on these skills, I trained in clinical hypnosis, lecturing and supervising for The Clinical Hypnosis Training as well as more recently developing my work in psychoneuroimmunology as part of an 'integrated medicine' team at the NeuroVitality Clinic.

A core process I like to use when working therapeutically is Eugene Gendlin's 'felt sense'. It's a meditative exercise, which goes to the heart of an issue allowing repressed feelings and thoughts into awareness. John Welwood, a Buddhist psychotherapist describes the felt sense as "a way our body holds or knows many aspects of a situation all at once – sub-verbally, holistically, intuitively". This is a gem of a process because repressed feelings and thoughts (whether happy or sad) can create symptoms and sabotage our capacity to make the changes we desire.

My transpersonal session work includes past life regression, between-lives, conception and birth, trans-generational healing, spirit release and not least, soul retrieval. These sessions offer a symbolic window on the soul, which resonates with who we are now, what we need to work through and where we are going.

If, as an individual you feel you've done lots of work on yourself and you still feel stuck in certain areas of your life, it may be important to explore the nature of your internal, protective, 'self-care system'. This establishes itself in the face of developmental trials and tribulations and can be hyper vigilant, dominating and restrictive as a defence against change, especially when it comes to relationships, closeness and commitment.

Perhaps you're 'highly sensitive' and need support to find your voice, ground and set appropriate boundaries for psychic protection so you don't feel drained by the stresses of everyday life.

As a tutor on the College accredited healing course, I teach mental health and healing, listening skills and provide self-reflective practice for students. I mostly work as a therapist with regular weekly clients.