Photo of Harry MacDonald

A natural curiosity led me to explore many different subjects, skills and activities. After leaving school in 2008 and into my mid twenties I was occupied at different times with sport, drama, music, writing and cookery - I was a chef for six years. My focus was fickle and I struggled to commit to one thing, which frustrated me. I now understand that life was educating me, that my interests shifted when I'd learned what I needed.

Through and beyond this time I was intellectually captivated by a range of subjects, including the science of nutrition. This led me to study for a year at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2017, while learning Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (a nutrient therapy) from an American naturopathic doctor. I then started working with clients.

In about 2015 my spiritual unfoldment had begun, deepening each year. Consequently, my approach to nutrition grew more intuitive. I began to understand the seductive, relative nature of information; as opposed to the absolute, abiding knowledge of the heart.

In 2018, after professional Reiki training, my ability for healing and energy work emerged. I began to work in groups; one on one; and through artistic mediums, especially music, sound and poetry. It continues to evolve, but its essence is constant: It is part of my true purpose.

I believe that each of us can live in profoundly beautiful states characterised by joy, love and exalted inspiration. In whatever form I am working my heartfelt intention is the same: To facilitate the remembrance of our illimitable, authentic nature and to relax the fearful grasping that prevents us from being that in every moment.