Photo of Ivana Bajic

I grew up in Yugoslavia in Southeast Europe. The war that tore my home country apart in the 1990s marked my formative years and provided a backdrop for spiritual development. With millions of displaced and missing people, the country was saturated with mediums and psychics trying to help locate the missing. I was sceptical about many of the mediums' work and ethics. For years I was an atheist looking for proof that there was nothing beyond our 3D experience. And yet, my lucid dreams and intuition suggested otherwise. 

I was determined to find the answers I was looking for in academic inquiry. The academic experience opened up new horizons, and I found many answers, but some fundamental questions remained unanswered. Even when I embraced Christianity in my adult years, I still couldn't reconcile the experiences of war with the religious teachings.

Like a blocked writer, I was going around in circles, unable to move any further in my quest for answers. Then, the universe provided a perfect opportunity with the sudden passing of my mother several years ago. I experienced first-hand that a soul and love are indestructible. 

During several years of training in mediumship and angelic channelling at The College of Psychic Studies, I found many of the answers I've been looking for years. Under the guidance of my angelic realm tutors, Liesl Duffy and Kim Pilkington, I have reconnected with ascended masters and archangels of light and love. 

This experience was most helpful with processing grief, but more than that, finding peace and forgiveness. I cannot say I have fully mastered those lessons, but I am content to be a permanent student. The angelic realm has brought me joy, comfort, and peace that I never thought would be possible after growing up in a war-torn country. In return, the least I can do is share their messages of hope and love with those who need them at certain pivotal moments in life.