Photo of Louisa Williams

Louisa is a professional communicator, intuitive medium and spiritual counsellor, with a background in Performance Arts (BA Hons) and international communication. Although, she sensed spirit and the elementals from an early age, Louisa initially used her unique voice and clairsentient abilities to develop a presence on stage and in business. Following a profound period of personal loss, Louisa realised she had a truly intuitive gift that she could use to help heal others.

Louisa trained in psychic development and sat in mediumship circles at The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain with renowned tutors including Terry Tasker, Richard Dancer and Geoff Hayward. She also took workshops in Sedona (US) and at The Arthur Findlay College to hone her skills, and then completed a Certificate in Spiritual Counselling (CMA) with Sue Allen at The School of Intuition and Healing. Louisa is currently studying with Anthony Kesner in his advanced class at The College of Psychic Studies.