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Akashic Records/Book of Life – ‘primary substance’ – that of which all things are formed. A book that exists in another dimension that records all world events and thoughts taken place on Earth. Some psychics can access and consult these records to gain information on people and places.

Angel Readings - Angelic messages that come from a higher realm and from a place of unconditional love, compassion and wisdom.

Apparition – The supernatural appearance of a person, animal or object too far away to be seen, felt or heard by the normal senses. Apparitions are of the living – not the dead. Apparitions of those deceased are known as ghosts.

Apports – Objects that are produced from thin air or transported through solid matter. Most commonly apports appear while mediums are conducting a séance.

Apportation/Telekinisis/Levitation – A production of motion or movement over a distance.

Archangels – The name for incorporeal beings that are said to guide the spiritual destiny of groups of people. This is opposed to the guidance to individuals who would be advised by an angel (singular).

Angel – ‘messenger’. An immortal being that mediates between ‘God’ and humanity. Angels are specific to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, however they are also occur as helping ‘spirits’ in other traditions.

Astral – Derived from the Greek word ‘star’.

Astral/Subtle Body – Esoteric traditions believe humans have different levels of consciousness and existence, one of these being the Astral Body which exists in the spiritual world.

Astral Plane – An alternate, non-physical dimension of reality that can be visited during Astral projection or out-of-body experiences.

Astrology – Using ones birth date, time and location in relationship with the movement of the sun, moon, planets and stars to help understand personal relationships, character traits and potential life events in a sitters life.

Astral Projection – The ability to will one’s mind to leave the physical body and travel to distant locations keeping in contact and synchronizing with the physical body. Moving out of one’s physical body and moving to the astral plane.

Atlantis – The name of a vast continent that sank under the sea in a cataclysm. The Atlantean’s (inhabitants) were thought to be highly advanced, wealthy and a source of culture to the rest of the world.

Automatic Writing – to allow the etheric world intelligence to intervene and use one’s hands to write information that one did not know beforehand.

Aura – The name given to the ‘vital energy’ that is believed to radiate around natural objects. This energy is thought to fluctuate and shift according to mood and state of health.

Book of the Dead – The funeral literature of ancient Egypt. Containing charms, hymns and spells to assist the soul as it passes through the underworld.

Channelling – The process of communicating information between a medium and non-physical beings (angels, guides, spirits) by entering an altered state or trance.

Chanting – The frequent repetition of word(s), phrase or mantras as part of a meditation or magical rite. Used to achieve an altered state of consciousness.

Chakras – Energy vortices throughout the body and through which the universal life force is received and distributed throughout the body. There are seven major chakras and each chakra is connected to our being on several different levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Clairaudience – ‘clear audio’. The sensitivity to ‘hear’ the cosmic vibrations of nature.

Clairvoyance – ‘clear vision’. To ‘see’ into an ethereal dimension without using physical eyes.

Clairsentience – ‘clear sensation of feeling’. Perceiving information by a ‘feeling within the body’.

Clairsavourance – ‘clear tasting’. The ability to detect ‘tastes’ in the mouth and interpret the information that this may relay.

Clairtangency – ‘clear touching’. More commonly known as psychometry.

Colour Healing - A popular alternative medicine technique using different colour wavelengths to aid the body’s health and vitality.

Crystals – Used for centuries for their protective and healing qualities. Often worn as amulets or aids to spiritual work.

Crystal Ball – A classic tool to help diviners. Using the technique of scrying to intensify the concentration until a vision is seen.

Demonstration – College Demonstrations are an opportunity for presenters to interact directly with the audience, showcasing their own particular skills. This is also a method of teaching by example rather than simple explanation.

Divination – A process or ritual performed with natural things, living organisms and objects to gather information regarding the future of a person or place.

Direct voice – Commonly associated with séances, ‘direct voice’ phenomena is when a spirit speaks independently, not emanating from any living person.

Dowsing – Using pendulums or dowsing rods as an amplifier to detect non-living and natural features including water, geopathic stress, ley lines, auras, chakras, illness etc.

Dream Interpretation – Dream experts believe that your own thoughts, ideas and feelings are turned into a series of pictures which can then be translated and interpreted.

Ectoplasm – ‘exteriorized substance’. Ectoplasm is a whitish substance that ‘allegedly’ emanates from a mediums mouth, nose or ears during a séance. This ectoplasm is then believed to transform into a net-like membrane that can further transform into the face, limbs or body of a spirit.

Electronic Voice Phenomena - EVP are sounds found on electronic recordings which resemble speech and are not the result of intentional recording or rendering.

Elemantals – Indo-European nature spirits or manifestations of the four elements water (undines), air (sylphs), fire (salamanders) and earth (gnomes).

Esoteric – ‘inner’ the term that is usually applied to supernatural, mysterious or occult teachings.

ESP (Extrasensory Perception) – The ability to perceive things without using the five senses. Often referred to as a ‘sixth sense’.

Etheric Body – Also known as the ‘subtle’ body or ‘aura’. Believed to be a mirror image of yourself composed of energy which exists in the astral plane.

Fairies – Non-human immortal earth spirits. Also known as ‘Fays’.

Feng Shui – The practice of placing commonplace items (eg furniture, plants) in a particular pattern to enhance the flow of ‘chi’/universal life force to create positive energy and enhance good fortune.

Geomancy – associated with feng shui, dowsing and ley lines. Working with the life force and natural magnetic fields of nature to enhance cosmic currents (eg Stonehenge)

Ghosts – A popular term for a deceased human that can manifest as a form which can be visible to living beings.

Geopathic Stress – ‘Ge’ = Earth, ‘pathos’ = suffering’. Referring to man-made structures (power lines, buildings) that interfere with the natural radiation of the earth causing detrimental effects on both the structure and people located in the area. Also known as ‘sick building syndrome’.

Guardian Angel - is an angel assigned to protect and guide a particular person or group.

Haunting – Manifestation of strange, inexplicable phenomena that originates from ghosts or spirits. This can include smells, temperature change, the movement of objects etc.

Horoscope - "A look at the hours". A horoscope is an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person's birth. It is used as a method of divination regarding events relating to the point in time it represents.

Hypnosis - "hypnos’ = sleep. Hypnosis is a form of unconsciousness resembling sleep, but research suggests that hypnotic subjects are fully awake and are focusing attention, with a corresponding decrease in their peripheral awareness. Subjects also show an increased response to suggestions.

Incorporeal – Not consisting of matter. Without a physical body, presence or form.

Initiations – the transformation of an individual from one level of awareness to the next.

Inspirational thought – to be physically stimulated with impressions that move the intellect/emotions to bring new knowledge. These impressions extend beyond one’s own normal ability, are non-personal and are intended to benefit or bring joy to the public.

Inspirational speaking – to voice unplanned words that flow spontaneously and swiftly as if the sensitive is being pushed to voice the information.

Karma – In Hinduism and Buddhism karma is the sum of a person’s thoughts and actions which are believed to determine that individuals future state of existence.

Kundalini - ‘coiled-up’. This word refers to a goddess or sleeping serpent waiting to be awakened. Kundalini has been called an unconscious, instinctive or libidinal force which refers to the psycho-spiritual energy that sleeps within the body.

Lucid Dreaming – Any dream in which one, for an uninterrupted and prolonged amount of time, is aware that one is dreaming. The aim is to be aware within your dreams and gain wisdom from that place.

Materierialization – The appearance of seemingly solid objects or spirit forms out of thin air. Usually a product of psychic mediumship. See Ectoplasm.

Masters - are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called initiations.

Mandalas – ‘magic circle’ – A circular image employed for focusing the viewers attention for establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation and trance induction.

Mantras – A sound, syllable, word, or group of words (usually starting with word Om) which when repeated over and over again is believed to influence the human mind and is considered capable of "creating transformation".

Medical Intuitive - A healer who has honed their skills of intuition to assess the energy field of a paitent and intuitively diagnose them. They can then direct their healing energy to the area in question.

Meditation - A method of using quiet contemplation and focus of concentration on a thought for spiritual growth or self-improvement. Thought to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity and forgiveness

Medium – ‘mediator’ A medium is able to form a link between the living and those in the spirit world, allowing these spirits to communicate with loved ones through messages the medium is able to relay.

Mind’s eye – The ability to picture an image mentally through imagination.

Mysticism – ‘hidden wisdom’. The belief and actions of training oneself to communicate with invisible powers in order to learn and develop spiritually.

Near-Death Experience – The phenomena of reports from people who have been declared clinically dead by medical experts, or who have experienced serious accidents or illnesses and have since recovered where they feel that they travelled to a different dimension and/or floated away from their body. A common example it travelling along a tunnel towards a bright light).

Negative Energy – It is believed by many that positive energy can be created through good deeds, thoughts etc, and in the same way negative energy may be created in a similar manner. Thought to be unsettling, draining or actively hostile.

Numerology – By reducing names, places of birth and dates to numbers and then assessing the vibrational energy of these numbers to divine patterns and connections in a person’s character and life plan.

Oracle - a person considered to interface wise counsel, prophetic predictions or precognition of the future, inspired by the gods. As such it is a form of divination.

Orb – A circle of energy of unknown origin which has the ability to move and change shape with no apparent means of a direct source.

Ouija Board - Also known as a ‘spirit board’ or’ talking board’, is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0-9, the words "yes", "no", "hello" and "goodbye", along with various symbols and graphics. It uses a planchette (small piece of wood) to indicate a spirit's message by spelling it out on the board during a séance.

Out of Body Experience - Typically involving a sensation of floating outside one's body and, in some cases, perceiving one's physical body from a place outside one's body.

Overshadowing - Where spirit wrap themselves around the medium's aura in order to impress their thoughts and personality.

Past Lives Therapy – A form of regression in which a subject traces self-destructive patterns through several lives with an objective to find incidents that may be affecting them in their current existence.

Palmistry – encompasses all phases of analyzing ones hands to tune in to the past, future, characteristics, health, wealth etc. by looking at the hand, fingers, wrist, shape and texture.

Paranormal – ‘para’ = next to, ‘nomos’ = rule. The term used to describe phenomena that are unexplainable by the laws of nature, rational or scientific means.

Parapsychology – The study of paranormal sensory information (PSI) and experiences relating in particular to the human mind.

Pendulum – A weighted object (usually a crystal) suspended from a fixed point that is used in divination to answer yes and no questions depending on its ‘swing’.

Phantom – An entity that is seen, heard or sensed but has no physical reality.

Possession – A condition in which a person feels that they have been ‘taken over’ by a spirit entity or separate personality. This can be either physically or emotionally.

Portal - An entrance, entry point, or means of entry.

Poltergeist - The manifestation of a presence, ghost or spirit especially involved in the movement of physical objects which move or fly about without warning. 

Prophecy - A prediction, especially one made by a prophet or under divine inspiration.

Prediction – A statement of what will happen in the future. A form of prophecy.

Premonition - A strong intuition that something is about to happen (usually something negative, but not exclusively).

Prana - Life-breath, life principle, or life force in Hindu teachings.

Psychic art – To paint or draw through mediumship or inspirational means.

Psychokinises – The controlled movement and manipulation of inanimate objects by the use of psychic powers.

Psychometry – The ability to perceive information about an object and it’s owner by handling/touching an object.

Psychic – A psychic has the ability to sense, understand and interpret information about a sitters life, without contact from those in spirit, that can aid in emotional, physical and spiritual guidance.

Psychic Attack – The transfer of negative energy between two persons.

Rapping – Where the psychic energy is used to make audible sounds with no physical means for this to occur

Reincarnation - A belief that a soul returns after death to a new physical body and new life. A common belief in Buddhism and Hinduism although not exclusively.

Remote Viewing – Perceiving clairvoyantly that which is happening at the present time that which is out of range of the physical eyes.

Runes – Alphabetic sigils that are believed to have divinatory properties. Runes are typically used by concentrating on a question, drawing out a rune and interpreting the rune symbol to fit the situation.

Sage – In Native American traditions the burning of sage is believed to purify an area and/or get rid of ‘ghostly’ influences.

Skeptic - Someone who habitually doubts beliefs and claims presented as accepted by others, requiring strong evidence before accepting any belief or claim.

Scrying – ‘seeing’ The art of gazing into an object or surface such as a crystal ball, mirror or water, until visions are seen either in the object itself or in the minds-eye.

Seer – An alternative name for a prophet or clairvoyant.

Séance - A ceremony where two or more people try to communicate with spirit. It is a powerful and sometimes dramatic event where many believe the ‘veil between this world and the next is temporarily lifted’ and the living and deceased can reunite and communicate with each other.

Shamanism – “The word "shaman" originates from the Evenki word "šamán" and applied to the indigenous healers of Siberia. There is no ultimate definition of shamanism. It is often called “the technique of ecstasy” and a shaman is someone who practises altering their state of consciousness in order to communicate with other realms in order to effect healing for their tribe, family or community.  Many methods are used for altering consciousness including entheogenic plant medicines; trance dancing; drumming, journeying and breath techniques.  It is not a belief system or dogma more a way of life - of seeking to be in right relationship with all of life and working with the reciprocal exchange of energy inherent in all things.

Smudging – An ancient Native American practice whereby smoke is used, from the burning of herbs and grasses, to cleanse an environment. See ‘Sage’. The theory is that the smoke drifts upwards carrying the intentions and desires of the sender to the ‘Great Spirit’ – who will in turn grant them if the sender’s intentions are pure.

Soul - The spirit or essence of a person usually thought to consist of one's thoughts and personality. Believed to live on after the person's death.

Spectre – A ghost or apparition.

Space Clearing – The clearing of ‘clutter’ from the environment. This is to create harmony and balance in a person’s life by first creating it in the physical body using spiritual intent.

Spiritualism - A philosophic doctrine, that claims transcendency of the divine being, the altogether spiritual character of reality and the value of inwardness of consciousness.

Spirit Photography – Photographs that show a person (alive) complete with the head and shoulders of a deceased relative or mist surrounding them.

Subliminal – An unconscious aspect of a person’s mind which can perceive sensations, thoughts and emotions below the level of conscious thought.

Superstition – A belief in supernatural phenomena and the idea that good or bad luck is influenced by certain behaviors. (eg bad luck is created if you walk under a ladder).

Synchronicity – The phenomena of simultaneous events occurring, that are related, but which have no discernible link to each other.

Tantric – A belief that enlightenment can be sought through religious or sexual practices.

Taoist – A religion that focuses on ‘non-action’ and ‘going with the flow’ and letting nature take its course. Choosing to do nothing is in itself a choice.

Tarot – A pack of cards is used for the purpose of divination using symbolism forming a system of communication. The various spreads/layouts are used to impart guidance for specific questions.

Table tilting – A phenomena where In a séance, a table (when hands are placed on it) will vibrate, tilt or turn due to the psychokinetic effects of the spiritualists technique.

Telepathy –sending and receives thoughts, messages and emotions to or from others, performed deliberately or unknowingly.

Third Eye – Located in the middle of the forehead, the third eye corresponds to the brow chakra where psychic energy is believed to emanate.

Theosophy – ‘Theos’ = God, ‘Sophia’ = wisdom. Refers to a school of mystical thought and belief. Teaching that one can gain knowledge through practicing occult traditions and studying myths and symbols.

Trance Mediumship – Trance mediumship is a partnership between a medium and his or her spiritual communicator. The blending of their energies enables the spirit communicator to use a level of control of their medium’s consciousness and their voice box to impart knowledge and guidance. Changes to voice pattern inflection and general manner of speech along with changes in facial features can be evidenced.

Universal Life Force – A form of energy or ‘vital force’ that is believed to transcend time and space and permeates all living things.

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