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Healing Clinics

The College recognises that many of us are struggling with these difficult times. On a collective and an individual level, we could all benefit from the uplifting balm of spiritual healing. Our College has had to close temporarily because of Covid-19, and so we are not able to run our usual weekly healing clinics in person. However, our accredited healers are continuing to run these clinics via distant healing every week. Each session is run by fully qualified, accredited healers who have completed a two year College healing course.

Our weekly free distant healing clinics run on Mondays, 2-2.30pm, Wednesdays 11.15-11.45am and Thursdays 7-7.20pm, all UK time. We also run a free distant healing clinic specifically for the NHS, hospitals and our key and frontline workers on Mondays at 7pm UK time.

To receive distant healing, please keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for regular reminders. You are invited to add the names and places that you would like to receive healing to these reminder posts.

Our weekly distant healing sessions are a gift from our healers to you, and are free of charge.

Please see our Covid-19 update here: https://www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk/covid-19-information/

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