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Visiting Consultants

Visiting Consultants
Consultation - 1 hour

Ascension Tarot and Seer-ship

Edwin has long been a student of the tarot and has developed his own system for working with these powerful cards to provide guidance and direction on his client’s spiritual journey and ascension path. The reading focuses on providing you with a snapshot of your energy system at that moment in time and its possible blockages and weaknesses - giving advice as to how these might be healed and strengthened.

The reading moves on to focus on your psychical and spiritual potential as well as those past lives which are significant for your spiritual progress. It concludes by looking at your way forward spiritually for the next six months.

As well as drawing upon and channelling the wisdom of the tarot, Edwin reaches out into the ether around his client, to contact either the client’s spirit guides, guardian angel, or ascended master/archangelic patrons. Edwin will identify those presences and pass on guidance, detailing what might need to be done in order to make a stronger connection, as well as their advice. The reading may also incorporate scrying with Edwin’s quartz crystal skull Xerxes, suggestions from the spiritual guides and masters and direction from the spiritual ancestors, such as which meditation methods, crystals, herbs, oils and rituals might best be used to develop your potential and further your spiritual path

Sold out
Susan Gash
Remote consultation
Visiting Consultants
Consultation - 1 hour

This is a Skype / Remote session! Susan Gash and the Spirit Doctor Team is a highly intuitive healer and a Master Dowser. One of her many gifts is to create and hold sacred space where deep healing and transformation can transpire with ease and grace. During healing sessions, she invokes the Spirit Doctor team, a rare entourage of healers, physicians, and shamans whom once walked the earth plane. Together they facilitate a multidimensional journey during which participants are able to make personal healing requests, receive guidance from the Spirit Doctors and awaken to their own innate gifts and cosmic heritage. Clients tend to leave Susan's sessions feeling deeply nourished, balanced and ready to move on with life with a greater sense of clarity and confidence.

Sven Carlson
Remote consultation
Visiting Consultants
Consultation - 1.5 hours

Susan Gash and Sven Carlson - JOINT DOWSING SESSIONS: This is a Skype / Remote session!

Susan and Sven combine their mastery in dowsing to create a strong field of energy for clients, allowing them to clear and heal. During the session they investigate root cause of disharmony, clear non biological energetic patterns held in the body or living space, and seek to discover what obstacles might be preventing a more abundant and joyous life. Client participation is key in guiding the process exactly where it needs to get, resulting in deep level clearings and transformative life changes.


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