Soul Plan

Soul Plan
Consultation - 1.5 hours

Have these questions come to mind lately: “What is my gift? What is my calling? What am I here to contribute with? How can I overcome my challenges?”

Catherine will help you remember and reconnect with your authentic self - your true nature. The reading is followed by an energy clearing that allows to release blocks which create resistance in your life. It is an amazingly liberating process. The key is positive transformation. Catherine wants all her clients to walk away from the session feeling wiser, lighter and stronger for they now remember who they truly are and can step into their innate power with ease.

On booking please provide reception on 0207 589 3292 with your birth name (as stated on your birth certificate) upon booking. Please note that these details are required at least 2 days before the consultation takes place. 1.5 hours £160

Soul Plan
Consultation - 1 hour

** Alchemical Soul Journeys - Transforming blocks into higher consciousness **

The Alchemical Soul Journey aims at transforming subconscious blocks through intuitive guidance and meditation. Catherine will take you on a journey following her own multidimensional guidance and help you dissolve blocks that are holding you back, allowing more ease, flow, abundance, love and happiness. This is an efficient way to resolve issues on an energetic level, bypassing the mind. Our mind can be a great asset but can also be an obstacle when it comes to healing. This method will not resort to any understanding related to the mind as we will be working on a much higher level to transform blocks into higher consciousness.


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