Psychic & Mediumship: Intermediate

Psychic & Mediumship: Intermediate

This course is designed to expand your understanding of psychic mediumship.

There will be regular practice on unknown guests, various focal points to stimulate ideas for messages, quiet times of reflection, and discussion where questions, confusions and assessments can be viewed.

An interview will be required before attending this course.
£210 (Full price)
8 May - 24 Jul, Tuesdays, 6:30pm, 12 weeks

As we develop our journey with spirit the medium

An interview will be required before attending this course.
£220 (Full price)
14 May - 16 Jul, Mondays, 7:00pm, 10 weeks

This course is for those who have discovered their psychic and mediumistic awareness and wish to understand and build confidence in their ability.

Over this 10 week course we will harness the presence and power of spirit and ourselves and through practice and discussion deepen our connection with spirit.

We will learn to feel connected to our own intuition and identity and remove any blocks to intuition that we may have. Ways of enhancing our psychic sensitivity and trusting the connection we have with spirit will be taught.

We will connect to those who guide and teach us from the spirit world building on the existing relationship we have with our mentors in the other world.

You will understand the difference between what comes from our intuition and what comes from those who guide us.

We will embrace the spirit world and allow our minds to be stimulated and excited and trust that those in the other world move our minds through our imagination.

You will build up trust in the mind's imagery (clairvoyance) and learn to understand evidence that the spirit world presents to you.

An interview will be required before attending this course.
£190 (Full price)
21 May - 23 Jul, Mondays, 5:15pm, 10 weeks
This course has been cancelled

This is an intermediate course and is for students who wish to understand the mechanics of mediumship and for those students who wish to become professional mediums.

You will be encouraged to explore and develop your gifts and lay down strong foundations to take you forward on your spiritual path.

An interview will be required before attending this course.
£210 (Full price)
9 May - 25 Jul, Wednesdays, 5:15pm, 12 weeks

Come and join Maria on the Heightened Consciousness Intermediate course.

During the 10 weeks you will develop and strengthen your psychic and mediumistic gifts, with exercises and one to one sittings.

Over the ten weeks you will learn:

  • The difference between the psychic level and the mediumistic level, so that you can work ethically and responsibly
  • Develop your accuracy to find those facts that create a strong reading
  • How to deepen your connections to your guides and helpers - building trust
  • To work on your spiritual growth and self awareness, through energy work and connecting to the archangels
  • Accessing information that connects to your soul line.
An interview will be required before attending this course.
£220 (Full price)
15 May - 17 Jul, Tuesdays, 5:30pm, 10 weeks

This course is aimed at students with a good working knowledge of psychic ability (intermediate level and above) who now wish to develop their skills to do psychic readings.

You will learn to:

  • Deepen and expand your psychic abilities
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself through your own intuitive understanding
  • Weave psychic information into a comprehensive whole, a story, to make the reading more accessible & memorable for the client
  • Understand your relationship with the client when giving a reading
  • Create a harmonious connection which puts the client at ease
  • Understand how that energy connection contributes to a memorable reading
  • Explore the use of oracle cards, personal and other objects to elicit more complex information
  • Understand the relevance of intuited information
  • Communicate information in an understandable and compassionate manner
  • The importance of boundaries and ethics

This course will deepen your trust in spirit and your relationship with your psychic abilities and encourage and guide you towards professional ability and practice in giving psychic readings.

£220 (Full price)
11 May - 13 Jul, Fridays, 2:30pm, 10 weeks
This course has been cancelled

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