Sunday Courses

Minimum age requirement 18 years.

Class one: Casey will open the class with a discussion about our own believes and thoughts regarding the spirit world.

This class will concentrate on learning how to open, close and balance our chakras so that they are healthy and stable. Using meditation and guided meditations we will learn how we individually work and connect with spirit.

We will cover the topic of spiritual protection and why this is so important and at the end of each class we will close down and protect - this will enable you to do this with me and learn to use this technique.

Our first class will allow us to get comfortable with each other and with our spiritual selves, learning how we work and function when working and connecting with the spirit world.

Class two: This class will focus on preparing for a reading, discovering how best you read and what style suits you.

Casey will introduce oracle card readings into this session and you will practice with different class members. In this class we will also meet our spirit guides through a special guided meditation - this will allow you to learn how to best work with them.

Class three: In this class, we will be focusing our attention on other methods of giving a reading. You will need to bring in a photograph of someone who has passed over and something special to you like a piece of your jewellery or something similar.

Holding photographs and objects that other class members have brought in will allow you to experience what different energy feels like and will help you to differentiate between the different energies coming in.

Class four: In this class, we will discuss, review and practice everything we have learnt and Casey will answer any questions or queries that you may have.

Casey Mackey is 25 years of age and has been working as a professional medium for four years.

£150 (Full price)
14 Jan - 4 Feb, Sundays, 11:00am, 4 weeks


Humanity is evolving from being governed by the solar plexus and moving into the heart.

This is a major shift in energy, frequency and focus. We move from being governed by power and instead find ourselves ruled by love.

Over this short course, we will dive into the space of the heart to find out what this means for us as individuals and as a collective. We will peel back the layers of conditioning and wounding that surround our heart, and allow the vast portal of this space to open up.

It is perhaps the most easily available access point for eternity that we have. In this place, deep healing occurs, everything is softened, perceptions shift, and our world appears very different. This focus is not about accessing love as an emotion, but recognising love as a creative universal force.

Over the four weeks we will look at many subjects including:

  • forgiveness
  • perceiving from the heart
  • speaking from the heart
  • heart centred truth
  • the confusion of romantic love
  • neutrality
  • courage of the heart
  • balance and self-acceptance

The work of opening and residing in the heart is essential for these times. The heart is becoming the platform from where we access our divinity and change our life.

£150 (Full price)
18 Feb - 18 Mar, Sundays, 11:00am, 4 weeks

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