Lenormand Oracle Cards

Lenormand Oracle Cards

This beginners course will show you how to:

  • Get to know the cards-begin to build up vocabulary and meaning to each card and start seeing each card in terms of a person, situation activity or feeling. Over the course you will deepen your relationship with the cards and their meanings
  • Practice building up an understanding of the many meanings that are possible through the card combinations. Lenormand cards are read in pairs.
  • Begin to use simple spreads and interpret the cards to start giving answers to questions being asked.
  • Explore the various cards used as significators and understand why you choose a particular card to represent, for example a work or home situation or relationship.
  • Learn to choose a significator card to represent what is asked of within the meaning of a spread.
  • Begin to create your own spread(s) to further explore the possibilities that the cards may offer. This diversity will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the cards to launch the various ways that they can be read.

Please bring your own pack of Lenormand cards. We recommend the Lenormand Oracle Cards by Gina di Roberto, however you are welcome to bring a deck of your choice.

£210 (Full price)
22 Jan - 26 Mar, Mondays, 6:00pm, 10 weeks
This course has been cancelled

A course for those who wish to extend/deepen their working knowledge of the cards.

This course will include:

  • Deepening your relationship with the cards, by looking at extending your vocabulary of the card meanings.
  • Learning the significance of the pip cards (the playing cards insets on the cards), which will add another dimension to their meaning.
  • Using the 9 card portrait spread , which is fundamental to the reading of the grand tableaux , and the various ways that it can be read, in preparation for beginning to use the Grand Tableaux which uses all 36 cards of the deck.
  • Begin to develop your understanding of the complexity of the Grand Tableaux spread to explore the full picture of your sitter's life at that particular time.
  • Look at the significance of the Houses within the spread, what they portray and what information they elicit from the cards that land on them.
  • Completing a professional working understanding of the Grand Tableaux.
  • Reflect on your newly gained abilities to use the Lenormand cards and define your own particular relationship and style with the cards.
£220 (Full price)
23 Jan - 27 Mar, Tuesdays, 6:00pm, 10 weeks
This course has been cancelled

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