Tibetan Spiritual and Healing Practices

Tibetan Spiritual and Healing Practices

This is a rare opportunity to learn how Tibetan yogis integrate mind and body to a wider cosmos to live healthy and spiritually balanced lives.

This course will reveal the working of subtle energies in everyone and how choices in daily food, drink and lifestyle affect us energetically and physically.

Learn to chant beautiful healing mantras, breathing techniques for strength and protection and ways to bring deep relaxation and spiritual resonance into your life.

It includes the teaching of gentle Nejang yoga previously taught only by lamas to their patients and shows you the use of sound vibration to activate your vital ‘bLA’ energy during the lunar cycle.

You will also learn why the seasons and your lunar birth date impact powerfully upon your vitality, life and luck.

  • Tibetan medicine – ancient mind/body connection
  • Know your underlying subtle energy
  • Nourish your energy type
  • Benefits of purification breathing techniques
  • Mantras to heal and protect
  • Learn precious bLA energy and its lunar cycle
  • Nejang yoga practice for all
  • Lunar astrology, health and luck
£200 (Full price)
19 Jan - 23 Feb, Fridays, 12:00pm, 6 weeks
This course has been cancelled

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