Energy Work Essentials


This course will cover psychic protection and grounding, essential work for beginners and those who wish to expand their technique.

Each week you will learn simple and practical exercises including:

  • Introducing you to various processes and enabling you to strengthen your ability to ground
  • We will discuss and clarify what grounding and protection actually means, what it is and what it is not
  • Understand why we do this and how we can benefit from it
  • Time for questions and answers

By the end of the course you will have a thorough understanding of what it means to be properly grounded, and how to do it for yourself. This course is the foundation work required to progress onward with any other form of training, whether psychic, medium or healer.

Lucy will give a relaxing meditation to enable each student to anchor the information and receive healing, to close each class.

£130 (Full price)
16 Jan - 13 Feb, Tuesdays, 7:00pm, 5 weeks

Learn to recognise when your energy needs a spring clean, how to do it and how to maintain it.

This course will teach you how your energy is affected on a day to day basis and why that influences how you function and feel.

Working with the seven main chakras we will explore our relationship with them, and the world around us. Deepening our understanding of grounding and protection and strengthening our auric condition. We will look at how other people’s energy and thoughts, psychic residue, thought forms and belief systems, can all impact on our energy, leading to leaky auras and chakra imbalance, often causing energetic disturbance.

Working with practical exercises to cleanse our energy, visualizations and meditations this course will introduce you to simple and effective techniques, that will enable you to understand what is yours and what is not, in a grounded and supportive environment. To empower you and your work, and maintain both for optimum health. It is advisable to have an understanding of grounding and protection, in order to get the full benefits of this course.

£170 (Full price)
20 Feb - 3 Apr, Tuesdays, 7:00pm, 7 weeks

As we start on our journey we will need tools to navigate our way safely along our spiritual path.

We are all grounded because of gravity, but life events can destabilise us and Martha will teach you different everyday ways of grounding and protecting yourself to establish good housekeeping habits - this will send a clear Intention to the universe that you are prepared and ready for this wonderful journey into your Intuition.

We all have a natural ability to sense what is around us. We can feel through our body and “see” with our third eye. If you have ever entered a room and felt uncomfortable or very comfortable for no apparent reason then you are sensing energies. How you can use that information to understand what is happening around you and how you respond is called using your intuition.

Martha will also show you how to start developing your intuition using a variety of fun exercises, including psychometry, auric readings, and by using story telling cards.

You will start to discover and understand your own energy and learn how your body and mind can link to the energies of the wider world and to other people so that you can begin to live intuitively.

£190 (Full price)
15 Jan - 5 Mar, Mondays, 7:00pm, 8 weeks
This course has been cancelled

For intermediate to advanced students and accredited experienced healers only.

This course will give a practical introduction to negative energy and spirit release, giving down to earth practical skills and an understanding of the different aspects of this work in a safe and protected space.

As we move through this multi-dimension world, we give and receive energy. Not all energy is conducive to our well-being and may disrupt our own energy field.

We will learn how and when these disruptions can occur and how to deal with them.

Over the six weeks we will cover:

  • Thought forms
  • Psychic attack
  • Negative psychic cords
  • Attachments

Course requirements:

  • Interview needed prior to acceptance
  • You must have your own established practice of grounding and protection.
An interview will be required before attending this course.
£160 (Full price)
18 Jan - 22 Feb, Thursdays, 7:00pm, 6 weeks

This course is specifically designed for those students who want to continue their understanding and work at a deeper level on subjects raised in Spiritual Hygiene and Maintenance part one. Working with our guides, we will strengthen our connection to them and explore our abilities and our energy further. Including cleansing and working with our subtle bodies. Each class will have a different subject, and work with group discussion and exercises. Utilising what we have already covered and taking that forward with this next step. We will introduce different facets to these subjects, enabling a better understanding of how to work effectively with them and our guides. We will continue to work with meditations, cleansing and practical exercises. There will be deep healing on many levels, enabling you to continue on your soul path and process your journey forward.

As a follow on course, this is only available to those students who have previously attended and completed : Spiritual Hygiene and Maintenance part one.

£190 (Full price)
22 Feb - 5 Apr, Thursdays, 7:00pm, 7 weeks

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