Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a present moment practise which can enrich any area of your life, it can build a beautiful connection throughout your body, anchor the breath and ground your mind into the present moment.

Mindfulness can help us manage our emotions, reactions and our thoughts, to enable us to move through survival to thriving and then to flourishing.

This 10 week training in mindfulness stress reduction will take you through the tenets that under pin a mindful practice, using focused discussion, embodied practices and reflection.

Each week we will cover a different theme and topic:

Awareness: What is mindfulness, what is meditation - automatic pilot v mindful awareness? Patience: Blocks to cultivating mindfulness - shift in attitude to openness and willingness Breath and Body: Connecting and grounding into the body Impermanence: Breath and body movement – anchoring mind and breath into the present moment Acceptance: Allowing and letting go – an awareness Non Judging Non Striving: Thoughts are not necessarily facts - ways to view thoughts differently Trust: Beginners mind and curiosity - freedom to explore your mind and emotions to be comfortable with different perspectives of the world Resilience: Weaving the thread of mindfulness awareness into every fabric of your life

This mindfulness practice will strengthen a deeper understanding of being embodied, which builds resilience, kindness and compassion for one’s self.

£200 (Full price)
16 May - 4 Jul, Thursdays, 6:30pm, 8 weeks
This course has been cancelled

Meditation is the basis for all inner work.

This course focuses on establishing or enhancing a meditative practice by exploring contemporary approaches to the art of meditation.

You will be encouraged to build up a core practice that works for you, using a more gentle and natural approach towards finding the stillness within you. We meditate to know ourselves- a process of coming into a caring and intimate relationship with our own consciousness and awareness.

Requirements for meditation which we will cover are:

  • Patience - allowing it to naturally flow and not trying to force an outcome
  • Commitment - a loving inclination to commit to a core practice
  • A deep tolerance within - how to approach your practice with compassion and tenderness, simply enjoying the act of meditation and always giving yourself permission to play
  • Allowing the possibilities - begin to see meditation as an exploration without boundaries
  • Stillness - to find and sit with the stillness. You never have to create stillness within your meditation, it is always there within you. Learn how to effectively access the stillness, to go deeper into your inner world
  • Breathwork - understand how focusing on the breath in meditation acts as an anchor and centring point, which brings much needed concentration and gentle focus and helps the mind to slow down and settle. The breath sets the tone of the meditation.
  • Dealing with thoughts - in meditation thoughts will always be part of the experience. They should never be regarded as a problem - you will learn how to listen to your thoughts in meditation, to get to know and understand their value and what they are not
  • Posture - is important for meditation. Three elements need to be regarded: alignment, relaxation and resilience, which you will see work together to enhance your meditative practice
  • Alignment - learn how this is achieved through the elongation of the torso and with the head, holding both in perfect alignment
  • Relaxation - is found through finding ease within the body and we will look at different ways to achieve this
  • Resilience - understand how correct alignment and relaxation provide the ability to sit quietly for the committed time of the meditation

Some of the many benefits of a regular meditative practice include a reduction in stress levels, bringing a sense of well- being, enhancing spiritual practices and a boost in intuitive abilities.

£190 (Full price)
21 May - 23 Jul, Tuesdays, 6:30pm, 10 weeks
This course has been cancelled

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