Do you feel blocked or sabotaged?

Are you frustrated that others don’t see your worth?

Do you long to receive love you can recognise?

What if you could go back in time and tell your little self, “you are powerful, you have a right to be here, you are loved” do you think this could have made a difference to you? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are ready to traverse your timeline to find out how to solve the problems that prevent your value from being seen. No one will give you what you are worth, until you prove your worth; it’s tough but true.

We no longer need to be rescued or saved, we need to know we are powerful and learn how to access that power.

Elevated spiritual guides offered this TYT technique at this time when we need to be self-empowered, rather than constantly depending on others for guidance. This course teaches you that your consciousness is not limited to the physical body and shows you how to initiate TYT.

This tool will help you to repair the past, embrace the now and create your future. A way to take your knowledge back through time and space to emotional events that happened when you were young and in need of guidance or support.

It will also include ways to bring the future consciousness back through time and space with guidance and support to help you with situations you face now.

This course will teach you:

  • How to ‘traverse your timeline’ and catch problems at the root where self-sabotage begins
  • Techniques that make divine justice work for you
  • Heightened perception: understand how the energy of people, places and memories can affect you
  • A way to hear and interpret what your younger self needs
  • Ability to hear and interpret when your older wiser self offers you help from the ‘future’
  • Self support on your journey through life
  • To know yourself
£220 (Full price)
18 Jan - 22 Mar, Fridays, 6:30pm, 10 weeks

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