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We have forgotten that we are not just human but spirit, as is nature in all its forms.

The purpose of this course is to reawaken our natural gift of speaking to fellow nature spirits and more importantly, listening to what they have to say to us. The experience of having a conversation with our nature friends will help restore our sense of unity and belonging to our home, the Earth.

Originally, we communicated with our fellow spirits, the trees, the land, the seas, and we worked together. But gradually we stopped talking to nature and used the special gifts we had been given to make use of nature for our own human purposes and egos. This short-sighted focus has resulted in a spiritual poverty. An underlying feeling of loss that pervades us, but there is a change happening in our perception, our awareness, and a sense of urgency.

Together we can work to change conditions on the planet by listening and opening our hearts to the spirits who support our physical lives here. And we, as fellow spirits regain our sense of purpose and remember that we are all family and part of the Divine.

Each week we will focus on a different aspect of nature, taking time to practice and develop our communication skills. There will be plants and other natural objects to work on, and there will be occasional times during the course when we will work outside.

It is encouraging that many scientists have discovered how plants and trees communicate with each other physically and have ‘a sense of consciousness and intelligence’. This is a step forward in our collective consciousness. Next step, a conversation!

Each one of us has the natural ability to communicate with nature in all her aspects.

Please bring a notebook and your sense of curiosity.

£210 (Full price)
12 May - 28 Jul, Tuesdays, 7:00pm, 12 weeks

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