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Kim Pilkington

Kim  Pilkington

I believe in the extraordinary capacity that human beings have for compassion, understanding and love.

Sometimes the events and stories in our lives eclipse these truths and we can find ourselves in need of some guidance towards our purpose and the personal happiness, joy and equilibrium we truly deserve.

Being the youngest of eight children taught me much about the complexities and dynamics of human relationships. My formative years were spent hurtling through education into the commercial world, motivated largely by fear and the need to create material security. I was so absorbed in the blistering pace of life; that I had very little time to contemplate what I was doing; who I was and where I was going. On reflection I was more of a human ‘doing’ than a human being. Despite many successes, the frantic activity and materialism masked deep-seated feelings that something wasn’t quite right and was perhaps missing. I experienced what is commonly known as stress related ‘burn out’ which, rather fortuitously as it turns out, marked a wonderful turning point and provided a direct experience of something I needed to feel and learn in order to effectively serve others although it wasn’t obvious at the time. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining! I stepped on to a different path and after becoming a parent in 2004, I began extensive investigation and intensive re-training in a wide number of areas including Bio Energy and Reiki healing, Massage in Schools, Healthy Eating, Neuro Linguistics and mediumship through attending spiritualist church and sitting in circle. At last I had found ‘home’.

I have discovered through the teachings at the College of Psychic Studies and the expert tuition of Amanda Roberts, how to work with the energy of Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels to bring through messages of practical guidance, love and hope that help people to feel empowered, connected to their truth, uplifted and inspired. Angels and Guides and Ascended Master can work with us in every day life to help us achieve internal stability, coping skills and peace. They can provide inspiration and motivation to help us take action towards our aims and goals.

It’s a real privilege to be able to serve and work with Spirit and the Angelic Realm to help bring their radiant love and guidance through in to our human experience. It is the most rewarding and profoundly satisfying and enjoyable experience.


Angelic Messages
Remote Consultation - 1 hour

Kim is able to offer consultations via telephone / Zoom / Skype. Kim Pilkington works intuitively with the energy of angels, guides and ascended masters. Their inspirational healing messages come from a higher realm, a place of unconditional love, compassion and wisdom. Providing practical information and guidance to help overcome obstacles and challenges, they can inspire us to connect deeply with our truth, our creativity, innate abilities and the personal power we need for a healthier, happier life.

Previous clients say:

"Kim was amazing, it was a really insightful and reassuring reading."

"Kim Pilkington is such a gifted person who I felt at ease with as soon as she said hello. Kim enabled me to communicate with those who are important in my work. I highly recommend her to my friends."

"Kim was wonderful, she brought through some very powerful healing messages. She made me feel very relaxed and at ease, her connection to the angelic realm was so strong my questions were answered without me having to ask them. Feeling very uplifted now."

"As always, Kim was warm, welcoming, honest and her authentic self - combined with professionalism! I look forward to attending any event she's hosting and especially for my twice annual 1-2-1 Consultations. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kim to anyone considering a consultation at The College :-)"

"My session was utterly fulfilling and thought provoking. I was enchanted at the various levels of accuracy but also food for thought I was offered. It was extremely thorough, calming, enlightening. I genuinely did not know what to expect but I am so grateful for Kim's wonderful time and energy."


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