David Manning

David Manning

People debate exactly what David’s skillset is: Storyteller? Energy/sound healer? Shaman? The truth is, he’s all three. What nobody debates is that his energy work slices through your embodiment, cutting through limitations, like tumors under the knife of a world-class surgeon. As a psychic, he perceives the structure of stories in individual bodies and collective fields—structures like outmoded patterns, beliefs, and wounds. As a storyteller, he gives voice to them. The sounds he produces touch deep into those structures, by-passing the intellect. And the result is their dramatic and rapid dissolution. David is a very special energetic technician whose skillset is unique. There is really no way to describe it. It is just something that has to be experienced.

David has been involved in and investigating human potential, healing and energy work for twenty five years. He first trained at CPS over twenty years ago. He led the healing clinic for a number of years, as well as working as a psychic and course and workshop leader. He now focuses on helping individual and groups to dissolve limiting emotional patterns and belief systems, so freeing them to access their potential.


Energy Work
Consultation - 1 hour

Energetic Upgrading and Recalibration

David works from a deeply focused space, utilizing sound and intent. He sees the patterns in the body and energy field that hold us bound by our history. By allowing a flow of universal energy and awareness into the space, a dynamic re-solving and unfolding of core issues and patterns results.

In a one to one session, expect a rapid release of vast swathes of personal history - this will often include emotional wounding, family patterns, past life issues, karmic blocks, physical issues and belief systems. Each session works deeper into the system and often there will be energetic integration of aspects of self that have separated, or of soul and interstellar aspects that are waiting to merge with the physical body.

The sessions are gentle yet profound. A hands off approach is usual.


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