Richard Abbot

Richard Abbot

Richard Abbot learned about the unseen dimensions of life over a 20 year study period with Arthur Norris. He practises Tarot, Numerology and Palmistry as tools for self-discovery, empowerment and transformation, as well as providing healing for those in pain. He has written numerous books and courses and has appeared at events in the UK, Holland and USA.


Consultation - 1 hour

The numbers from our names and dates of birth can be seen as energies that wish to work through us. I provide knowledge and understanding of what those energies are trying to say and do, so that you are able to take a much more confident path, always connected to the positive vibrations around you. During the session we can address many of life’s aspects.

Numerology can advise about business and career, relationships, personal development, life purpose, spiritual progress and much more besides. These sessions will always be empowering and constructive. We will always look at how our energy changes over time, and can, if required, analyse the effect of name changes upon your life.

Please ensure you can provide reception with the full name that appears on your birth certificate, plus any additional/alternative names that you have used/ are using, along with your date of birth.


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