Donna Richards

Donna Richards

I have been a psychic medium and member of the College of Psychic studies for the last 13 years.

Born and bred in North West London in a small family with a strong matriarch, my young life instilled in me a sense of practicality, hard work ethic and interest in the lives of my friends and family that I have maintained to date. I am proud to be the 'go to' person amongst my close-knit circle for whatever advice or guidance they need.

I have an extremely positive outlook on life, believing that all that it has to offer is there for the taking. I encourage my two children to live by the practical advice that 'you get out what you put in' and, with this as a foundation, they remain curious and energetic enough to get the most out of life, whatever their choices. I continued my role as a mother over the years by working as a foster carer and gaining the love of the children and young adults in my care and the respect of my local authority.

I have had a long career in the travel industry, beginning as a young representative in the Mediterranean before specialising in cruise holidays and owning and managing my own travel agency. From this I have benefited from a vast array of experiences amongst people of different places, cultures and societies which has given me a broad view of the world and love of world cuisine!

I pride myself on the fact that I am extremely open-minded, 'un-shockable' and treat people as individuals, without judgement. My fresh approach has awarded me the respect of my students and clients alike. My skills have allowed me the platform of the London Spiritual Mission in Notting Hill and a loyal following in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Of the future, I trust my strong sense of faith in the world around me and belief that my spiritual journey will continue to be as interesting and rewarding as I have always found it to be, learning from my experiences, connection with spirit and those I encounter on a day to day basis.

I view the College as my home and I am grateful for all of my experiences there throughout the years, and I am happy to share all of my knowledge with others.

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