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Anne Bayford

Anne Bayford

In 2000 I had a road traffic accident, this was a reawakening experience that reunited me with spirit. It confirmed to me that loved ones continue after their physical death. I felt I had received valuable information from the other side. This experience brought new meaning to my life it opened my mind to the unlimited possibilities of the universe and spirit, literally transforming my life. From a young age I was always known as that strange child who said she had conversations with animals and who kept snakes as pets, this led to me becoming a Zoo Keeper in my teens and twenties. I always knew then there was more to life than what I was being told. I then grew up and later had a family of my own. Through challenging life experiences and personal tragedies, I trained as a counsellor and learned to help others. At this point in my life I felt I had moved further away from spirit than ever before until the day of my accident when spirit came knocking on my door. It was a reawakening that ignited my curiosity and I began seeking further information. For many years I attended workshops at the Arthur Findlay College and The College of Psychic Studies. During one of the workshops at The College of Psychic studies run by Gary Wright he spotted my potential and helped me to develop my skills as a psychic medium training me over the next few years. I also wanted to explore other possibilities as I had always been inquisitive about the feelings and fondness I had for certain periods of history. I studied as a Past-Life Practitioner in New York with Dr Brain Weiss author of 'Many Lives, Many Masters'. I am a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and a Reiki Practitioner. I also organise several retreats throughout the year running several empowering workshops. As a psychic medium I work intuitively guided by spirit. Working as a psychic attuning to your energy and interpreting the information given, helping you to develop a clarity to your life’s challenges and journey. Working as a medium, providing a supportive space to link with spirit to receive the evidence of your loved ones who reach out to you to offer you their messages.



Psychic and Mediumship
Consultation - 1 hour

Anne Bayford bridges the gap between spirit and the physical world as a psychic medium. She invites your loved ones, both human and animal, into a safe space to reaffirm that your loved ones are always there to support and encourage you. She endeavours to provide clarity and guidance from spirit in navigating your journey through life. Questions are always welcomed.


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