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Anastasia DeQuincy

Anastasia DeQuincy

Naturally intuitive since childhood, I have been aware of my clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant abilities for many years.

My heightened connection with the spirit world came about through a near-death experience and bereavement which led me to pursue my spiritual path initially attending a spiritualist church where my spiritual mediumship development began. I then went on to study spiritual philosophy and attained full member of the Spiritualists’ National Union.

My psychic mediumship development ensued at The College of Psychic Studies as well as the SAGB and The Arthur Findlay College.

I have a corporate and business background and hold an MBA Masters Degree, Certified Diplomas in Marketing, Accounting and Finance as well as Corporate Finance qualifications. Following a successful career in the banking and finance sector in the City, I continue to manage my own property business as well as other entrepreneurial interests. I hold diplomas in holistic and aesthetic therapies and have founded wellness enterprises.

I am a certified Stress Management Practitioner and a certified Clinical (Ericksonian) Hypnosis Practitioner specialising in the corporate sector. I hold a Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) registration. I also hold Professional Certification in NLP coaching as well as certificates in counselling skills and Feng Shui. I incorporate these modalities in my work and am a volunteer practitioner for Anxiety UK.

My special interests include psychology, parapsychology, spiritual philosophy and holistic healing.

I am a psychic medium who communicates with the spirit world to provide evidential details that can be proof of survival to the sitter. My focus is on portraying the essence of loved ones in spirit and relaying their beneficial messages with empathy to provide upliftment and insights which may help relieve the pain of bereavement and provide life path direction.

I also attune to the sitter’s auric field and give insightful guidance and philosophical meaning pertinent to the sitter’s circumstances which may be empowering and may help in navigating life’s choices and possibilities to optimise true potential and facilitate change.

A combination of optional modalities may be used during the consultation including: Tarot and Psychometry (the sitter may bring along a small personal object).


Psychic and Mediumship
Remote Consultation - 1 hour

Anastasia is able to offer consultations via telephone / Skype / WhatsApp / FaceTime. Once you have paid for your consultation the consultant will be in touch with you to confirm how your consultation will take place. Anastasia is a psychic medium who communicates with the spirit world to provide evidential details that resonate with the sitter and deliver beneficial messages providing upliftment and insights. By attuning to the sitter’s auric field she may give insightful guidance and philosophical meaning which can be empowering and uplifting and help the sitter navigate life’s choices and possibilities to optimise their true potential.

Questions welcomed on relationships, family, career/profession, business/corporate, direction and life path.

Previous clients say:

"This was absolutely the most professional and accurate reading I have ever had. Anastasia conveyed the messages with amazing clarity and assurance."

"Beyond all expectations!"

"As usual Anastasia was brilliant, compassionate, clear and passed on messages as she received them. I got much out of the sitting. I am so delighted and happy. Thank you Anastasia. You're a total delight."

"The consultation was very helpful and real diligence and effort was given to 'translating' and getting the right message across. The reader also made me feel comfortable and gave empathy to my position. The messages were very poignant and meaningful."

"As usual, Anastasia is very good at what she does. My friend, whom I purchased the session for, was very pleased and satisfied with the outcome."


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