Margrit Coates

Margrit Coates

Margrit Coates has paved the way for animal healing to become well known worldwide and her books, lectures and clinics have brought animal healing into respectability. Margrit Coates is based in southern England, but travels world wide to teach and lecture. Her empathy with animals is now legendary and she also communicates with animals soul to soul. which is Margrit's specialist equine focussed site and her generic site and distance healing.

Margrit has been featured in numerous magazines and publications and has written columns for publications including for the Daily Mail newspaper. She has also been featured in several TV programmes and gives frequent radio interviews about her work. Margrit is the author of six groundbreaking books - Hands on Healing for Pets, Angel Pets - incredible true stories of animal miracles (this book covers the psychic nature of pets), Healing for Horses, Horses Talking, Connecting with Horses and Communicating with Animals: How to tune into them intuitively

As well as being the world's leading animal healer, Margrit is also a renowned animal communicator. This is not something that Margrit has learned to do from someone else - from a child Margrit has had highly developed psychic senses. She is clairaudient (hearing messages from animals), clairsentient (picking up sensations from the animal to sense how they feel) and clairvoyant (seeing images and other information).

I have over many years experience as a healer and interspecies communicator. On the healing side of things I now specialise exclusively with animals. Over the years I have given many thousands of hands on healing treatments to, and communicated with, a huge variety of animals. I also receive regular veterinary referrals for my work.

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