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CANCELLED Self Mastery - Birthing the Next Golden Age CANCELLED

CANCELLED Self Mastery - Birthing the Next Golden Age CANCELLED

Deborah Mills
Saturday 30 June - Sunday 1 July
10:00am - 5:00pm

The time that most of us have incarnated to experience is now!

Earth has already moved into the 5th dimension and the veils of creation are wide open. As we transform and expand beyond the limitations of the human experience that has held humanity captive for eons, we now have the ability and choice to live from our original divine consciousness waiting to birth itself from deep within our own heart and soul.

The Wisdom of Self Mastery and Ascension

If you are ready to live more deeply aligned with the truth of your Divinity or I AM Presence and leave behind all that no longer serves your highest purpose and expression of being, this unique and powerful experiential workshop will upgrade your operating systems and deeply awaken the extraordinary potential within, living your part of the divine plan for personal and planetary evolution. The day will include:

  • Healing and releasing outdated imprints held in the fabric of our humanity
  • Releasing sub conscious belief systems that can sabotage the full expression of the higher self.
  • Experiencing ourselves as divine and the innate potential that brings to our life
  • Guided mediations to embody deeper levels of the soul

You are invited to join us for this transformational two day experience along with St. Germain, the Violet Flame Angels and the Masters of Light to help activate the Next Golden Age within us while birthing it in to the collective field of humanity.

Deborah Mills

Deborah Mills is an international teacher, gifted healer and spiritual guide who has been teaching workshops on the Art of Energy Medicine and the Awakening Consciousness for over 20 years. Her life is dedicated to personal and planetary evolution and the Completion of the Plan of Light on Earth.

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