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Finding The Self: The Mystical Journey Of Wholeness - 5 day Summer School

Finding The Self: The Mystical Journey Of Wholeness - 5 day Summer School

David Manning
Friday 10 August - Tuesday 14 August
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Are you ready to deepen your evolutionary journey?

As the College closes its doors for the summer break, we will have the luxury to use this iconic space exclusively for our own long, rich exploration of our relationship to The Self.

The College building is a Victoria town house set in the heart of the museum district of London. The building has been owned by the College since 1925, when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - creator of the iconic dectective Sherlock Holmes, was its President. You can feel the history as soon as you walk through the doors; it is crackling with the years of research and exploration that has taken place under its roof.

The Greater Self, Higher Self, Eternal Self. What is this part of us that often seems remote and intangible? The search for The Self has been the fundamental fuel for the spiritual journey over many thousands of years.

Now, it seems easier than ever to connect with this part of us. But it is time to go way beyond connecting with it. It’s time for us to become it, to live from this place rather than visit it occasionally.

For this to happen, immersion in the field of The Self is essential.

That is what this event will provide. An opportunity to find yourself already established in something that we have pretended to be disconnected from. An opportunity to deepen into and become familiar with the territory of The Self, so you know how to navigate your way home whenever you wish and from wherever you may find yourself.

The times we are in push this awareness in the most fundamental way. Many of the veils of separation are dissolving now. The mystical states that once needed years in a monastery, or on a mountain top to unfold, are opening up for people with no prior experience or prompting. The language of energetic awareness has gone mainstream. We find ourselves able to access support from the energetic realms more easily than ever before.

There is understanding that it is possible now for extraordinary experiences to happen to very ordinary people. We are all becoming aware of our esoteric capacities. Yet there are still pitfalls on the road that can be easily avoided. There are many useful guidelines to follow. There are essential practices needed to avoid the huge traps of illusion, and egoic inflation.

Over the course of our time together we will:

  • Dissolve and dismantle old programming
  • Learn how to recognise and clear emotional and egoic patterning
  • Engage in powerful energy work and activate hidden potentials
  • Clear and integrate past life issues and aspects
  • Hold space for ourselves, others and planetary fields
  • Integrate “lost” aspects of Self
  • Recognise and hold high frequency states
  • Connect with and clear channels of guidance
  • Explore and healthy impact of religion
  • Understand the language of your soul
  • Open and access the heart more deeply
  • Be immersed in our Higher Self
  • Heal deep wounds
  • Release beliefs in separation

The overarching purpose of this journey is that we become more whole. That we know ourselves as universal beings, infinite and eternal. That we end the idea that our Divinity is something outside of us, that needs to be strived for. We surrender our defences and receive what has always been waiting for us to claim it.

This retreat in the heart of London will be of immense benefit to beginners and seasoned travellers on the path.

We incarnated at this momentous time to evolve to the highest degree possible. There is no point in standing on the sidelines. Our individual advances are of planetary significance as our collective intelligence begins to resurrect itself.

Friday 10 August - We gather at 6pm at the College where David will set the scene for our time together and lead a group opening meditation.

Saturday 11 August - This will be a full day of energy work at the College (10am - 5pm), the evening is free

Sunday 12 August - We continue our energy work. A later start at 11.30am - but we will do some work into the early evening, finishing at 8pm

Monday 13 August - Meet St. Brides Church for 10am As a part of the Summer School, we will explore some of the rich, powerful energies of London. There are many iconic power points to visit and St. Brides Church on Fleet Street, is one of them.

It was built on the site of a healing well, dedicated to the goddess Bridget, so has been a place of worship, ceremony and ritual for thousands of years. It is on the ley line of energy that runs from St Paul’s Cathedral through to Trafalgar Square and beyond. There is evidence of a Roman temple as well as some of the earliest Christian building in the UK. In the crypt, where we have arranged some private time just for our group, we will connect with the energies that are still very present. Wherever a spring comes to the surface, the energy of the divine feminine is strong. Even though the spring here has been capped, the goddess energy is vital and available, as it is throughout much of London, underneath all the hustle and bustle of city life.

This is what we will access and work with. After St. Brides we will together take public transport on to Hampstead Heath. Please bring lunch to eat on the Heath.

We will do some work to connect with the energies there and you might want to go for a swim in the open air pool. Meet back at the College at 6pm until 8pm to consolidate the work we have done during the day. If the evening is fine we may well go from the College to do some energy work in Hyde Park, which is nearby.

Tuesday 14 August - Our final day of energy work finishing at 3pm, when we will then say our farewells and depart on our homeward journey.

Per person: £575 .

What is included:

  • all tuition
  • exclusive use of the College for energy work with David
  • mid morning and afternoon refreshments when we are at College

What is not included:

  • your inward and homeward journey travel costs
  • accomodation during your stay
  • local transport costs on days when we are outside of the College
  • refreshments and meals other than above

David Manning

David has been involved in and investigating human potential, healing and energy work for twenty five years. He first trained at CPS over twenty years ago. He led the healing clinic for a number of years, as well as working as a psychic and course and workshop leader.


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