What's on: 15 Sep

Find Out How Science and Spirituality are Coming Together

Gary Preuss
Saturday 15 September
12:00pm - 4:00pm

For centuries, science dismissed the paranormal as coincidence without seriously looking at it. The materialist paradigm of science did not allow for the possibility of psychic abilities and the survival of consciousness after death. There is now quiet but increasingly pervasive scientific evidence for what has been called spiritual.

Today will be a comprehensive and interactive exploration of scientific details, evidence and research references to explore how science and spirituality - once considered mutually exclusive - are beginning to come together.

Gary will be providing an overview of some of the most convincing evidence to date, as well as sharing personal psychic and spiritual experiences that have great meaning to him and will invite participants to share their life-changing experiences. The implications of quantum physics about consciousness and psychic phenomena is particularly intriguing. It has been postulated that quantum physics demands that psi phenomena exist.

Gary will expand on the theories and implications of physics and consciousness. Most people today were brought up to believe that consciousness is created by the brain (rather than vice versa) and that religion/spirituality and science are mutually exclusive.

This is changing, partly because the evidence of quantum physics on consciousness is beginning to bring science and spirituality to the same conclusions.

Gary Preuss

Gary Preuss PhD, is a scientific and spiritual visionary.

Gary worked for thirty years as an economist and statistical analyst. He grew up on a farm outside El Campo, Texas, USA, earned degrees from Rice University and Georgetown University and holds a doctorate in Parapsychic Science from the American Institute of Holistic Theology.


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