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Cancelled! Healing Group: Relationship Cancelled!

Cancelled! Healing Group: Relationship Cancelled!

Lucy Aumonier
Saturday 16 March
2:00pm - 4:30pm

2.5 hour Healing Group Session. The theme for today's circle is Relationship.

We will start this session with a talk on relationship, to be in relationship with and what that means. Our perceived reality and experience of it, the world around us and ultimately within us, living in harmony, balanced from within.

Using inspirational speaking Lucy will talk about this subject and encourage questions. We will continue with the practice of how to open up properly and incorporate that into the healing work and we will close our session by having the experience of what it feels like to be properly closed down, grounded and protected.

This is an opportunity to receive healing within a group atmosphere, on a personal level. To clear blocks, receive guidance and inspiration and to make way for the new.

Working with guided visualisation and meditation, participants will be encouraged to work with and relax into the experience. Allowing the body to gently release tension and issues starting with an energetic cleanse, enabling the healing to work at a deep and profound level. Strengthening the heart and soul connection, Lucy will work with her guides to facilitate this individual experience on your healing journey, holistic and gentle, calm and dynamic.

The session will be relaxed and informal, participants will be given the opportunity to sit or lie down, creating a safe space to let go and rejuvenate. There will also be time for further questions on energy before we close down and have a cup of tea between 4pm - 4.15pm, ensuring you are grounded and ready to walk out into the world at 4.30pm.

We have cushions, blankets and chairs to make sure that you are comfortable. No entry after 2.10pm - Limited spaces.

Lucy Aumonier

I truly believe healing is limitless.I grew up in the countryside surrounded by great characters, stories and nature, learning about the earth, elements and seasons, which remains to this day a great source of joy, support and inspiration. I later studied at the College becoming a College accredited healer and also working intuitively, psychically and mediumistically which gave me a greater understanding of my many experiences of spirit as a child. Today I work as a spiritual healer fulfilling my soul purpose, giving insight and guidance.


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