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Moroccan Retreat - Standard Room £1650 (deposit £800)

Moroccan Retreat - Standard Room £1650 (deposit £800)

Gordon Smith
Monday 4 November - Saturday 9 November
9:00am - 5:00pm

Join Gordon Smith on this exclusive Moroccan retreat

This is a rare opportunity to learn from one of the world’s best-known and well-loved mediums.Gordon is passionate about helping others to develop and advance their mediumistic abilities and he has created this retreat to share his decades of wisdom with you. Open to all levels of experience.

We are all made up of the five natural elements of Earth, Air, Fire,Water and Space. On our spiritual path we can learn to advance if we know how to work with these elements and bring them into balance.

• How aware are you of your own water like emotions? • Do you know how to drive your own fiery passion? • Does the air inspire your thinking mind? • Do you know when to be grounded in the earth? • Are you comfortable in your own space? These are questions we need to ask ourselves when we walk along the spiritual path. This retreat is designed to help participants work on themselves while preparing to use their spiritual gifts of sensitivity, mediumship and healing on others.

Earth & Air The Earth element teaches us about grounding ourselves in our physical reality whilst learning to work with and appreciate the beauty and natural abundance of the Earth. People who work with the earth element are strong, balanced and trustworthy. Participants will be led in exercises which will teach you how to build circles and how to share these energies with one another, mirorring the generousity of the Great Mother herself through healing. The Air element is subtle and unseen and works through our mind, it can cleanse or cloud depending on the level you are at. Learn how to lift your mind to a higher level of thinking and practice your gift of mediumship and pyschic awareness with a higher clearer focus, which will help to build your mind and allow you to become physicologically robust. Let the air element blow your mind clean of chaotic low level thinking and become atuned to a higher frequency through mediumship, telepathy and psychic readings.

Water & Fire Water is the element that allows our emotions to pass through our being. The spiritual worker has to learn to control this element and allow it to flow naturally without negative feelings in order to reach the point of clarity. This element at its best can be mirror like and reflect true wisdom for the self and others. Participants will be given exercises to balance their emotions, working closely with the element of water. Gordon will demonstrate exercises on how to heal and read your emotions and also those of others. The Fire element is the element of passion and creativity. It is in the creative elements that we find the practices of mediation and power building. Spiritual students must build the power of this element into their work as it will help them sustain spiritual sessions for much longer periods. Remember its the fire element that lets us see into other realms and times, if all elements are equal.

Space (The Fifth Element) The Fifth and most intangible of the elements is Space. Space is in everything and everything is in Space. The true spiritual student seeks to master their own space and understand the very atmosphere around them. This element leans more towards Trance but will also include Healing, Mediumship and Circle Work. Gordon will give exercises on trance healing and trance itself. Building this element is for the student who wishes to go deeper into their own spiritual development and loves transmediumship and working in altered states of consciousness. This retreat will help you to understand yourself, body, mind and spirit.

What is included in the price of your trip:

  • Accommodation in a generously sized single en-suite bedroom
  • Full board - all meals are included - see our website for a sample menu
  • Individual transfer to and from Marrakesh airport (40 mins)
  • Morning and afternoon tea/coffee with afternoon home made cake
  • All tuition throughout your stay
  • An evening of live Berber music and dancing

What is not included:

  • Your outward and homeward journey from Marrakesh airport
  • Drinks, meals and other refreshments not included above
  • Bottled water at a reasonable price per bottle
  • Optional excursions and activities

Optional Extras:

  • An afternoon in Marrakesh
  • Half day walk: Berber Villages and Mountains or
  • Moroccan cuisine cookery lesson

Weather: The climate in Southern Morocco is much warmer than Northern Europe. It does not rain very often and from September to November temperatures are in the high to low 20s - just right for late summer visits.


Assif standard single room (5 nights) : The Assif Standard Rooms overlook the river Sidi Fares valley. All Assif rooms have terraces to enjoy the views of the valley and the mountain foot-hills beyond. The rooms curve around the crest of the hillside and vary slightly in size. The average room size is 28 sq m with a terrace. £1650 per person

Price (non-refundable): £1650 per person - Assif standard single room for five nights

You will be asked to pay a deposit upon booking which is non-refundable. For full details and terms and conditions please see our website

Retreat details

Monday 4 Nov: Arrive during the day. Relax and Unwind. Gather in the early evening for our first meal at Kasbar Ahngour. Afterwards opening meditation and Gordon will set the scene for our retreat.

Tuesday 5 Nov: Retreat work during the day with an evening meditation under the stars

Wednesday 6 Nov: Retreat work in the morning before we depart after lunch on the optional trip to Marrakech. Back for evening meal at Kasbah Angour after departing Marrakech around 7.30pm.

Thursday 7 Nov: Retreat work during the day followed by an evening celebration of Berber dancing and music.

Friday 8 Nov: Retreat work until mid afternoon. Optional Moroccan cookery lesson or guided walk. Final group gathering in the evening.

Saturday 9 Nov: Relax before departing on your homeward journey.

There is a big difference between a retreat and a holiday. We come away from our habitual surroundings and dynamics, in order to facilitate deep and lasting change. the work that happens here is powerful. The retreat is driven by the needs of the time and what individuals bring, and so will be run on a very flexible format. There will be plenty of down time to enable full integration of the work, to lay by the pool, walk in the mountains and shop in Marrakesh.


Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith is an ex barber from Glasgow with a unique natural gift of spiritual communication. Today he is widely accepted as one of the most accurate mediums in the world.


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