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What's on: 13 Jul

Mystical Creatures - The Phoenix and the Firebird

Mystical Creatures - The Phoenix and the Firebird

Joan Osborne
Saturday 13 July 2019
10:00am - 5:00pm

These fabulous beings will be joining us today to offer their own uniquely transformational energy.

The Phoenix and Firebird can help clear those traumas held deep within us that have so much influence on how we respond to the world.

With the ability to transcend time and space, the Firebird is gifting healing into our own lifetimes and into those of our family and ancestors that still affect us in some way - those areas hidden from our awareness.

The Firebird will be supported by the magnificent healing power of the Phoenix, as it once again draws near to our reality to offer the support we need to truly surrender those old inhibiting memories and move into a more harmonious state.

Be prepared to give yourself permission to let go and let be. This is a natural progression in face of the challenging times in which we live so the more we surrender, the more we will gain.

Joan Osborne

Joan Osborne was divinely blessed to be a channel for a variety of Light Beings.

It was a direct result of their inspiration that Joan began using her voice to bring in tonal frequencies specifically aimed at breaking down old inhibiting energy patterns to enable the energetic and physical bodies to realign more fully and harmoniously.


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