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What's on: 21 Aug

 SOLD OUT- The Angelic Essene Summer Mystery School - 3 days

SOLD OUT- The Angelic Essene Summer Mystery School - 3 days

Edwin Courtenay
Wednesday 21 August 2019 - Friday 23 August
10:00am - 5:00pm

As the College closes its doors for the summer break, we have the luxury to use this iconic space exclusively for our own exploration of the Angelic Realm. The College building is a Victorian town house set in the heart of the museum district of London. The building has been owned by the College since 1925, when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - creator of the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes, was President. You can feel the history as soon as you walk in through the doors; it is crackling with the years of research and exploration that has taken place under its roof.

The Essenes were a pre-Christian sect said to be capable of communicating with the etheric world, working toward the initiation of the highest mysteries. They first appeared in 150BC and were an organisation noted for their strict rules, initiations, separate grades of divinity and deviation from the beliefs of that time. They were known to exercise great benevolance and knowledge. Their teachings were recorded in the Dead Sea Scrolls; believed by many to have been studied by Jesus.

Join us for three full days packed with powerful meditations, group rituals, experiential exercises and live trance channeling, led by Edwin Courtenay clairvoyant, channel, cunning man, spell singer, author and spiritual teacher.

Edwin will guide those attending through the ancient powers and practices of the Essenes, whose teachings over 2000 years ago, based upon communion with the Angels, were all but lost until the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1946.

Over these three days we will focus on communion with:

The Guardian Angel - developing a deeply profound relationship with that angelic being created for each individual as an expression of love from the Divine, to guide us on our unfolding spiritual journey on Earth and in between lifetimes.

The Healing Angel - aligning with that angelic power to access and channel the spiritual wisdom and power needed to heal ourselves, others and the world in accordance with the Divine will.

The Soul Patron Archangel - that high archangelic being awarded to us by the Divine to watch over our soul’s progression throughout all its lifetimes, helping us to see and actualise our higher purpose and potential.

As well as this we will explore:

  • The origins of the Essene community and their original spiritual purpose and legacy
  • How the magical practices and rituals of the Essenes originated from both Lemuria and Atlantis
  • How these rituals and magical practices can be simply and yet powerfully utilised now, for the furtherance our own spiritual path and in the service of others and the planet
  • The identity of our Archangelic Soul Patron (channelled by Edwin for each person attending) and the reason why they are guiding us at this moment in time.

The Angelic Essene Summer Mystery School will be a truly spiritual event - exploring the power of angels from a multi-cultural and universal perspective. It is open to all walking any spiritual path at this moment in time. We will commence every day with prayer rituals of dedication for our spiritual path and will cumulate in the evening with invocations for protection and grace.

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and spend time with Edwin as well as in the presence of the angels that he will channel each day. Every morning we will begin by looking at the dreams and experiences that we may have had during the evening that might be related to the angels and the summer school work, as well as those experiences had by participants that they have never fully understood or would like to seek some confirmation on.

This is a powerful opportunity to study and experience the deep mystery of the angels from an ancient perspective - bringing forward this wisdom and power into the present and making it pertinent to our personal life and global situation.

The concentrated energy of this summer school will evoke past life memories from those ancient days spent in the presence of the angels as well as a return of that power and wisdom to us now in these times.

Perfect for the novice and experienced angel worker alike, this unique opportunity to submerge yourself in the power and presence of the angels is a gift to give yourself that may carry the key to opening a path of miracles and magic for years to come.

We have listened to feedback from people who would love to do our summer school with Edwin Courtenay, but found the price too high. In response to this, we have significantly reduced the price to allow as many people as possible to enjoy and experience this special event.

Edwin Courtenay

Edwin would describe himself as one of the "Cunning Folk" a term used in the 15th century to describe those naturally gifted with psychic, spiritual and mystical abilities which they would use to help those in their community. A Pagan-a follower of the old ways of nature and the world-and a practising magician, Edwin works with ritual, ceremony, chant and song to heal and awaken, empower and transform.


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