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What's on: 12 Oct

  Masterclass: The Ego Trap

Masterclass: The Ego Trap

Sarah Tyler-Walters
Saturday 12 October 2019
11:00am - 1:30pm

The ego is a part of the human self, and it has a task to do. However, it gets out of balance and can take control when you go off your soul's path, whether through choice or trauma. How to rebalance it?

Master Chou will talk about the ego and its function. He will explain how it interacts with your mind and your free will and how it can supersede the soul.

Chou will discuss how to recognise the ego, its behaviours and give ways of correcting the imbalance, putting your soul back in charge. Furthermore, he will also talk about the different types of ego - mental and spiritual and how they manifest.

Master Chou is a wise and humorous spirit communicator who enjoys speaking to people on a wide range of subjects; he speaks with compassion and humour while giving practical advice.

NB: Probably around 2.5 Hours with no break, an explanation of trance will be given at the beginning and there will be time at the end for the group to share. Master Chou will talk for around two hours.

Sarah Tyler-Walters

I am a trance lightworker, spiritual and energy coach, medium , teacher and healer, delivering spirit guidance and soul alignment work. Through trance mediumship I work with Master Chou, a wise and compassionate spirit being. My passion is in the fundamentals "get the foundation right and what you build will be strong".


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