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What's on: 7 Feb

A Dowsers Symbolic Journey (2-day workshop)

John Ward
Saturday 7 February 2015 - Sunday 8 February
10:00am - 5:00pm

Day One:

Join us for a fascinating workshop with Dr John Ward an archaeologist and anthropologist who is joining us from Luxor, Egypt. John is renown for his dowsing skills which he uses in his investigations of ancient Egyptian architecture and symbolism.

Through a series of hands on practical dowsing experiments and scaled ancient Egyptian architectural reconstructions, we will investigate and explore:

  • The use of ancient archetypal symbols placed purposefully and with intent.

  • Possible metaphysical effects: Ley Lines, Vortexes, Sacred Space, Healing, Divination.

  • Whether dowsing can identify the metaphysical properties within ancient and modern architecture.

  • The effect of this upon the immediate environment.

  • The use and effect of ceremonial and ritual practices within architecture and landscape.

Day Two: Includes trip to the City of London

Today our investigation continues as we dowse the use of ancient archetypal symbols within the City of London.

As a group we will identify key areas and architecture which require further field analysis.

Our aim is to determine if these monuments and symbols are deliberate acts of inclusion in the landscape and if there is any direct metaphysical effect on the immediate environment and population. Look forward, after our preparations, to an exciting field trip to the City of London as we determine by dowsing, the effects of ancient archetypal symbolism upon not only the architecture and landscape, but also, and more importantly, on the inhabitants of the City of London.

We will return to the College in the afternoon to discuss our group findings and conclusions.

This workshop is designed for dowsers of any ability. We will revisit basic dowsing techniques and explore the various ways to interpret your dowsing results, allowing you to develop your own unique style.

John Ward

John Ward is an archaeologist and anthropologist residing in Luxor, Egypt. He has conducted numerous investigations of ancient Egyptian architecture and symbolism whilst also carrying out research into the mysteries surrounding medieval Templarism. John is also renowned for his dowsing skills which he uses in his investigations.

Additional information

Please bring a packed lunch on day two. It is anticipated that we will have lunch around midday and then leave the College for the City of London, by public transport. Fares not included. Bring your own dowsing rods or pendulum. Alternatively you can purchase a pendulum at the College reception.


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