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What's on: 15 Feb

Bridging Between Worlds - Manifesting the Dream

Bridging Between Worlds - Manifesting the Dream

Cate Mackenzie
Saturday 15 February 2020
10:00am - 5:00pm

Would you like to connect to the flow of your life and be in sync with what it has to offer you?

Would you like to soften and more easily flow with the learnings of life?

Would you like to practice invoking, declaring and committing to the life you want and stepping into the feeling of that?

Life is ruled by the feelings we have and the meaning we give them.

As we get into recognising emotions as a flow, just like the weather, we can see how feelings give us information for our lives. We can then learn how to balance and regulate ourselves. Even “low” feelings can show us what we don’t want, anger can get us moving on things, sadness can help us release, joy lifts us up and helps us vision.

If you can embrace your feelings fully you can use them as a tool for flow and synchronicity in your life.

When we allow the feelings to flow through us, through a practice of slowing down, grounding and connecting, we can learn how to stay in balance and allow our dreams to manifest.

This day is about setting your North Star by envisioning and invoking your true desires and declaring them to a compassionate witness.

Your soul or higher self knows who you are and what your truth is and when you are in this place you can ground or bridge your dreams.The key is the joint path of invocation and rounding emotions.

You will learn to:

  • open your heart and connect to your vision
  • bridge deeply into your heart with another person (you will learn a deep embodied communication method)
  • slow down and realise that everything is happening in the present
  • connect to yourself in the now to access all your gifts
  • live into the possibility of what you want not what you don’t want
  • tune into the gifts of the compassionate witness and learn how to bring them into your life

Cate Mackenzie

Cate Mackenzie is a Psychosexual Therapist, Couples Counsellor and Love Coach. She gives monthly Facebook lives on relationships for Psychologies Magazine and wrote a column on love for Spirit and Destiny Magazine for two years. She has taught in six countries and was the dating coach for Channel 4's The Undateables. Cate believes in love and relationship and helping people to have the tools to have the relationship with themselves and others that they desire and so be able to manifest the life of their dreams.


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