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What's on: 15 Mar

The Essential Tools to Communicate with Spirit and the Higher Realms

The Essential Tools to Communicate with Spirit and the Higher Realms

Casey Mackey
Sunday 15 March 2020
10:00am - 5:00pm

This workshop will be divided into three parts during the day.

Part 1: Here we will discuss and expand on issues, topics and believes in detail, answering many questions you may have about these subjects.

We will focus on:

  • reading a person’s aura energy
  • karma-how it works
  • the universe and cosmos - how they play a vital role in the energy we emit and choose to deal with
  • energy connections - in our readings or personal life
  • soul journeying - when alive and passed over
  • déjà vu - the true meaning behind this and how it links to a certain part of our past
  • past lives - how our current life is affected by our past lives, in ways we miss and maybe don’t understand
  • learning who your soul really is
  • meditation - how our spiritual journey is impacted by it and what meditation can offer us in all walks of life
  • how to meditate and a guided meditation led by Casey
  • how to respond to and have confidence in what our intuition tells us

Part 2: We will delve deeper into communication with spirit and how this works.

We will focus on:

  • the journey of the soul once passed over
  • Casey’s experiences with different energies - from someone passing over
  • suddenly to someone accepting their fate
  • spirit world logistics - everything happens for a reason, leading you on a journey and experience that will bring renewal and growth
  • signs from spirit - how and which forms they come in
  • connecting to a loved one in spirit - whether you are a medium or not
  • dreams and other forms of contact from spirit
  • how to open up and tune into spirit
  • the chakras and how to energetically protect yourself.

Part 3: We will look at the higher energies and how they work - the force of angels, guides, gatekeepers and even elders.

We will focus on:

  • angels - how they help, how they assist and their role
  • gatekeepers - how they help, how they assist and their role
  • guides - how they help and how the guide can change during your lifetime to suit your needs
  • how deceased family members can be guides too - the elders and their role

Casey will hold a guided mediation where everyone can have the opportunity to meet their loved ones in spirit and their angels.

Casey Mackey

Casey Mackey is a 23 year old psychic medium.

By the age of 21 Casey was doing readings and starting to teach her own way of introducing spiritualism into this changing world.


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