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What's on: 28 Mar

CANCELLED! Conscious Embodiment - Aligning Your Body for Energy Flow CANCELLED!

CANCELLED! Conscious Embodiment - Aligning Your Body for Energy Flow CANCELLED!

Sven Carlson
Saturday 28 March 2020
10:00am - 5:00pm

Would you like to learn how to align your body structure to free up old patterns, open to new energies, and embody new frequencies of the Earth?

How do you maximize the energy flow through your body to create a healthy structure that is alive and in the flow?

Sven Carlson is an Advanced Structural Integration practitioner and in this workshop, you will learn practical ways to work with your energy and body structure creating connection, fluidity, and balance.

The day will include:

  • Learning Conscious Connected Breathing to assist you in developing an ongoing centred state of being while oxygenating your body and balancing the nervous system
  • Discovering “The Line” a circuit of energy that flows from the cosmos to the core of the earth through you
  • Learning two methods of neuromuscular education to free up the shoulder girdle, relax the neck, and align the legs
  • Learning about the important and often overlooked role of the fascial system, the largest organ of the body, in determining your state of being
  • Experiencing re-patterning movement for integrated balance, increased flow of energy, and a calmness of the mind

These practices and visualizations will assist you in aligning your body to receive the new energies and frequencies here on the planet.

Leave feeling refreshed and uplifted. Invite in the spirit of health, joy, resiliency, and abundance into your life.

Sven Carlson

Sven is an advanced practitioner of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, Reiki Master Teacher, NLP practitioner, Cranial Sacral practitioner and a highly skilled energy dowser.


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This event has been cancelled.

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