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What's on: 13 May

Following the Call of the New World

Following the Call of the New World

Dr. Christine Page
Wednesday 13 May 2020
7:00pm - 8:30pm

Are you ready to take a leap of faith, to release your hold on old stories and beliefs that no longer serve you and follow your heart towards your destiny, creating a world worthy of future generations?

December 2012 saw the birth of an extraordinary new world, not one appearing as yet in 3D technicolour, but in its etheric format awaiting our attention. Its presence alongside the old world, is one of the factors causing the many challenges facing us at present.

This new world is prophesied to encompass the concept of 'unity through the acceptance of diversity', an ideal that today seems so difficult for us to achieve. Yet, beyond all the mental and emotional chatter, our heart and soul are yearning for peace, compassion, and respect for all and have heard the call of the new world which offers this and so much more.

Many of us are being called to sacred sites around the world that are portals into this new world. However, we do not have to travel to find such a portal; all we have to do is enter our heart. Join Christine this evening to find out more and take that leap.

Dr. Christine Page

Christine has written seven books focused on self-development, which encourage self-healing and personal empowerment. She is trained as an MD and a homeopath, but she was raised amongst traditional healers and has always had the gift of inner sight, giving her the capacity to connect intuitively to others and access information from different realms of consciousness. She remains a pioneer in the field of healthcare, providing a vision and a pathway to embody the full human experience by bringing together the physical with the unseen. She is an international speaker and frequent media spokesperson who inspires people from cultures all over the world with a warm, engaging and witty personality. Her most recent book, published in January of 2013, the Healing Power of the Sacred Woman, emphasizes the importance of appreciating the body in women


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