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What's on: 16 Jun

Shamanic Wisdom for a Planet out of Balance

Shamanic Wisdom for a Planet out of Balance

Jez Hughes
Tuesday 16 June 2020
7:00pm - 8:30pm

The precarious environmental times we live in are becoming ever clearer by the day.

Extreme heat causing unprecedented fires on one side of the world whilst on the other we have flooding causing chaos. Fire and water are letting their presence be known.

So, what can shamanism offer in the way of addressing these monumental problems facing the planet? This will be the question we will be asking in this talk.

Drawing on thousands of years of indigenous culture and practice we will explore how our shamanistic roots helped keep humans in balance with nature and the implications this wisdom has for us today.

Is it possible to dream a new way of being in the world using time tested shamanic techniques?

How might we do this?

Can we get back into balance with the natural world and at the same time heal the damage to our souls that is reflected in many of humanity’s self-destructive behaviours?

And how do we find the right balance between spiritual work and practical and political action?

Come and join us to explore all these questions and more.

Jez Hughes

Jez Hughes has been practising shamanic healing full time for over fifteen years. He also teaches Shamanic Practitioner Training in the U.K. and runs regular workshops at the College.


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