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What's on: 2 May

Secrets of the East Series: Buddha’s Four Pillars of Awakening Secrets of the East Series: Buddha’s Four Pillars of Awakening

Secrets of the East Series: Buddha’s Four Pillars of Awakening

Sri Anish & Anandi .
Saturday 2 May 2020
10:00am - 5:00pm

Buddha was one of the most revered beings who ever walked on this earth and showed us the ways to get rid of our sufferings.

His teachings and life lessons are so profound that they continue to guide us and uplift the human consciousness even after 2500 years of leaving his body. In one such supremely profound teaching, Buddha talked about four ‘Brahma Vihara’ – ‘Brahma’ literally means ‘Divine’ and ‘Vihara’ means “a place to dwell or a place where one walks”.

Buddha said whoever practices these four divine attributes, is sure to dwell in the space of divinity within oneself.

These four divine virtues are:

  • Maitri (Friendliness or loving kindness)
  • Karuna (Compassion)
  • Mudita (Joyfulness)
  • Upeksha (Equanimity)

These are the four essential pillars that every seeker must establish on the path to self-realization. In this workshop with we will unravel these teachings of Buddha in a way where we can understand the subtleties of each of these four pillars. We will also learn practical ways to cultivate these indispensable attributes to create a life of love, peace and joyful togetherness.

Sri Anish teaches the essence of Buddha’s teachings, making them easily accessible and assists us to connect, relate and grasp them. It is Sri Anish’s own unique, lived and authentic experience, which makes each of his workshops a deep and life changing process.

Workshop format:

  • in depth dialogue sessions on each of the four pillars
  • interactive question answer sessions
  • two powerful Buddhist mantra chants and meditations

Participants will be given:

  • handouts of the mantra meanings to enable them to continue regular practice at home
  • a daily reminder poster of the four pillars, for joyful and awakened living

Sri Anish

Sri Anish. After creating a high-profile career in the corporate sector, Sri Anish was pulled into finding “Who Am I”. For over a decade, he kept himself hidden from the world outside, going deeper into the secrets of inner world. Very recently, he started making himself available to all. Sri Anish now travels across the world, guiding seekers on the path. He conducts regular Satsanghs (Dialogues on Truth) and retreats with sincere seekers. He also takes friends on pilgrimages to important spiritual places in India, the flavour of these pilgrimages are like travelling retreats.

Anandi .

Anandi - A meditator and an example of spirituality in day to day life activities, Anandi dedicated herself into inner quest and knowing 21 years ago. A keen sense of music and “sound” as her Sadhana (spiritual practice), she spends a lot of her time diving deep into the sounds and its silence. For her, each aspect of life is pure spirituality and an opportunity to be more awakened. Anandi leads meditation groups and does regular Kirtans (spiritual singing and chanting). When not travelling, she spends great deal of her energies into organic farming and creative holistic cooking.


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