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What's on: 30 May

Animal Dreaming - CANCELLED

Animal Dreaming - CANCELLED

Scott Alexander King
Saturday 30 May 2020 - Sunday 31 May
10:00am - 5:00pm

By attending this empowering two-day workshop, you will discover how to reclaim your relationship with the Earth Mother and live a life of beauty guided by the animals, nature, and the elements.

Scott believes the Earth is our mother and we are her children. Like any mother, she wants us to grow, heal and unite as a people. She speaks to us every day in a symbolic tongue which is older than words and is in the form of animals. We need to look once again to the ways of the animals and integrate their wisdom into our lives.

“When we open ourselves to the guidance of animal teachers, we receive confirmation of our innate strengths and the medicine we need to heal life’s sorrows. When we experience interdependence with all life, we find our own honoured place in creation.” Scott Alexander King

DAY ONE: The Earth is our mother: learn how to rekindle your spiritual yet natural bond. The Earth Mother does her best to communicate with us every day. Learn of the sacred signs and symbols she uses to get our attention, all of which are easy to see and equally as easy to interpret, if only we were to stop and acknowledge her efforts.

Nature’s Children: we are all governed by one of five monkey archetypes. Learn how our monkey archetypes explain why we do what we do. Be introduced to the five archetypal monkeys, and how they govern every aspect of our lives. Have their elemental significance explained and how embracing their wisdom can offer insight into your and your child’s view of the world. Learn how identifying your and your child’s archetypal monkey can help explain why you and your children do what you do.

Dog v’s Cat: are you archetypically influenced more by the energy of dogs or of cats? You may be surprised by what you learn about yourself. Learn how your preferences and predilections – such as where you like to meet friends or if you are someone who engages in team sports, can archetypically identify you as a dog person or a cat person. Enjoy a few laughs as Scott shares the sometimes entertaining differences between what he sees as dog people and what he categorizes as cat people. Learn that you may be one when you thought you were the other.

DAY TWO: Shadow Totems: learn how the animals we fear are charged with the power to offer the greatest insights. Understand that when we experience fear (in any of its many forms) when faced with an animal we are not fond of, is to know for sure that we have identified one of our shadow totems. Learn that what shadow totems are and where, in the recesses of our consciousness, they dwell and why. Learn how our shadow totems are charged with the light to offer enlightenment and great awareness. Identify your shadow totems, so that Scott may explain where your fear springs from and what you can do to overcome this fear so that your shadows may be transmuted into light.

Nature’s Messages: learn how to offer powerful readings using natural and discarded objects found in nature.

Medicine Walk: a walk taken to look for items that energetically speak to you; items such as feathers, shells, colourful stones, twisted sticks, clothes pegs, bottle tops, ticket stubs – seemingly insignificant things that grab your eye. Learn how these found objects may look like regular everyday things, but on closer inspection, hold symbolic significance.

Power Animals, Totems and Animal Spirit Guides: journey to meet and receive messages from the spirit animal that is currently walking with you. Journey with Scott as he takes you on a powerful meditative journey deep within to meet and communicate with your power animal, totem or animal spirit guide. Learn how to revisit this animal over and over, for a multitude of reasons.


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