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What's on: 13 Jun

The Way of the Leopard:2  day Ceremony to Connect to Nature

The Way of the Leopard:2 day Ceremony to Connect to Nature

John Lockley
Saturday 13 June 2020 - Sunday 14 June
10:00am - 5:00pm

Traditional Shamanic Teachings from South Africa

Learn the three jewels of Indigenous medicine.

  • How to connect to your ancestors and your humanity (Ubuntu).
  • Listen to your heartbeat through trance dancing and meditation
  • Work with your dreams (night time journeys)

Welcome to this two-day interactive ceremony to help you to connect to your spirit and the spirits of nature.

A key question in South African shamanic practice is “what is the call of your spirit?” The focus is on your soul not your personality or ego.

When we can learn how to grow our soul, the immortal wilderness or wild space inside of us; then the outer wilderness will thrive, not die. In South African traditional culture, every human being is responsible for finding their calling to strengthen the circle of life and humanity (Ubuntu).

The Leopard is one of the most revered totem animals in Southern Africa. The reason is because it represents intuitive intelligence and nobility of spirit. The Leopard represents harmony between the spirit and mundane worlds, always dancing between the twilight worlds of light and dark. It is a guide to African medicine people and others who want to listen and wake up.

Participants will learn how to connect to their spirit and spirits through an intricate ceremony conducted in a circle around an earth altar or shrine.

The ceremony is an interactive, dynamic process involving trance dancing or ‘shaking medicine’, dream work and a plant medicine (non-hallucinogenic) cleansing ritual. Participants will place their feet in a basin of warm water and herbs to stimulate dreaming and intuition.

This is an important part of the weekend. In traditional South Africa, people know the importance of cleansing with medicinal plants to connect to their spirit.

“In order to feel like the leopard, we need to move and dance like the leopard”. With Shaking Medicine, John will show participants how to energise their spine to awaken their intuition.

This is a gentle dance open to all fitness levels. It is a wonderful way to awaken the heart and connect to the heartbeat.

Important items to bring on the weekend:

  • A plastic basin, with room to place both feet
  • Dream journal to record dreams

NB: This ceremony requires all participants to engage with their own process 100%. It requires the hearts of warriors, fearless individuals who are not afraid to face their own shadows.

John Lockley

John Lockley is one of the first modern white men in recent history to become a fully initiated Xhosa sangoma (African Shaman). His journey begins while working as a medic in the South African military towards the end of apartheid. He trained extensively under Zen master Su Bong in South Korea before returning back to post-apartheid South Africa where he spent 10 years in apprenticeship with MaMngwevu, a medicine woman from the Xhosa tribe. She named him Cingolweendaba, meaning the messenger or connector between people and cultures. John now splits his time teaching in South Africa, Ireland, Europe, and the US, facilitating 'Way of the Leopard' retreats.


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