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What's on: 14 Jun

Awareness of Your Energy Fields and Frequencies

Awareness of Your Energy Fields and Frequencies

Anne Bayford
Sunday 14 June 2020
10:00am - 5:00pm

Have you ever wondered why a certain person makes you feel drained of energy once they have left?

Or why you feel more connected to certain people or to certain locations around the world? Ann will show you how the influence of other energy fields interacting with your own, can affect you.

Through looking at your experiences and working with each other during the day, you will gain a greater understanding and awareness of what is happening energetically in different situations and how to readjust your energy field to find your balance.

Throughout this workshop, Anne will use guided meditation and various exercises which will demonstrate that we are all more than what we see, hear, feel and think.

By working with each other In a supportive environment you will become more aware of the different energies you may encounter and how to deal with them.

You will be shown techniques to take away with you, that you can use to help you manage your own energy field.

Anne Bayford

Ever since experiencing a near death experience over 20 years ago, Anne has had an awareness of other energy fields and dimensions. Her interest is in creating harmony between wellbeing and spiritual awareness, combining her skills as a psychic medium, cognitive hypnotherapist, neurolnguistic practitioner and life coach.


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