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What's on: 12 Jul

Nutrition and Spirituality - Harmonising with the Body

Nutrition and Spirituality - Harmonising with the Body

Harry MacDonald
Sunday 12 July 2020
10:00am - 5:00pm

Trying to work out what to eat and how to look after our bodies seems impossible in a world of information overload. The more we learn, the more confusing things become.

We understand the importance of looking after our bodies as we shift to higher levels of consciousness, but working out how to do this is tricky if the mind is our only guide.

In this workshop, Harry will present a new approach to nutrition and health. In contrast to the old approach centred in fear, control and distrust for the body; this approach seeks to develop trust, understanding, and respect for the body’s profound wisdom.

By learning to hear this wisdom we become more autonomous in matters of health. Furthermore, this greater autonomy can serve creates a blueprint for how we approach our lives in general. It can help us move from control to flow, from ego to higher self, from mind to heart.

In this workshop we will work with:

  • the merits and pitfalls of popular dietary approaches
  • individuality as it applies to diet/exercise/health
  • approaches to strengthen our connection to our body’s wisdom; applying intuition to diet/exercise/health
  • meditation and gentle movement exercises
  • blessing food/raising the vibration of food
  • how beliefs about food impact us; uncovering those beliefs those that work against us
  • the connection between our wounding and our food choices; developing self-compassion and self-worth
  • guilt, shame, fear: how religious and social conditioning affects our perception of food
  • developing autonomy
  • food as a source of personal and collective joy
  • joy as a catalyst for personal and collective evolution

There will be time allowed for open discussion of our experiences with food/health and the opportunity to share in a safe, receptive environment.


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