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What's on: 19 Jul

Healing for Our Blue Planet

Healing for Our Blue Planet

Peggy Deadman
Sunday 19 July 2020
10:00am - 5:00pm

This will be a day to focus our healing thoughts and intention to the spirit of water.

There will be waters from various rivers and seas to work with. Each one of us, whether trained healers or not, can send our love and compassion to the spirits of these waters and this will aid in their healing.

In the afternoon we will hold a healing meditation by the river Thames in Chelsea. It will be a joyful and rewarding day.

The spiritual mission of water was to come to this earth to nurture and give life to all vegetation and animal life, and we as fellow spirits came in our human form with all our gifts to act as stewards for this planet. Water is reminding us now of this obligation as it is struggling with the poisons, sewerage, plastics and general misuse, and is slowly dying and receding from the Earth.

The spirit of water knows that efforts are being made to cleanse the rivers and seas and asks for healing to help with this process.

On a physical level, water as rain, rivers, seas, is the life blood of our planet. We human are composed of approximately 60% to 70% water and the Earth 70/% plus. Neither of us can live or function without this precious liquid.

Our rivers, streams and waterways act as a circulatory system to the Earth flowing through the land, providing nutrients, minerals and life to the soil and plant life, and give a home for the animals, birds, and insects that live in and on these waters.

We human and land animals are provided with food and water to keep us alive by this gift. The seas, a second world on our earth, nurtures its own plant life, animals, fish and many creatures that we are not even aware of yet. The seas support many of the rivers and the lands on the earth and again, provide us with food and much more.

Peggy Deadman

Peggy is a healer working in the College Healing Clinic.


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