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What's on: 25 Jul

The Living History of Western Herbal Medicine

The Living History of Western Herbal Medicine

Dylan Warren-Davis
Saturday 25 July 2020
10:00am - 5:00pm

This fascinating workshop explores the living history of western herbal medicine, as told by key herbs within the herbal kingdom.

It will explore the uses of each herb and explain each contribution.

It will be a sort of living archaeology of herbal medicine, showing how different cultural influences, from Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon have all contributed to the overall philosophy of European herbal tradition, still found in the names of herbs used by herbalists today.

A few examples of herbs to be included in the day:

  • White Horehound is connected to Horus in the Egyptian pantheon
  • Rosemary or rose of Mary is linked to the Virgin Mary
  • Angelica is linked St Michael and the angelic order
  • Centaury and its link to the myth of Chiron the centaur, with the links to the Hippocratic tradition and the temple on Kos
  • The plane tree and the teaching of the humours

Docks were used for teaching about humoral principals:

  • yellow dock and its connection to the choleric humour
  • Red or bloody dock and its connection to the sanguine humour
  • Blue dock or common mallow and its connection to the phlegmatic humour
  • Black medic and its connection to the melancholic humour

It will also include the Celtic use of mistletoe and the Druidic celebration of the winter solstice and St John’s wort for celebration of the summer solstice. The latter herb being also linked to the Crusades.

The day will explain the metaphysical philosophy and ideas behind these herbs, bringing this knowledge alive again for the 21st century.

This workshop requires no prior knowledge of herbal medicine and is open to anyone with a fascination of herbs.

Dylan Warren-Davis

As the son of a medical herbalist, Dylan has been exposed to the healing qualities of herbs since early adolescence. He has spent over 30 years researching, teaching and writing about the metaphysical basis of the European herbal tradition. Parallel to his herbal work, Dylan is also a very experienced hand reader. In 1990 his book The Hand Reveals, a complete guide to the European Cheiromantical Tradition, was published. He was also invited to contribute to the Oxford Companion to the Body, a section on Palmistry, published by Oxford University Press.


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