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What's on: 19 Sep

Psychometry - In Your Hands IN PERSON EVENT

Psychometry - In Your Hands IN PERSON EVENT

Michelle Hawcroft
Saturday 19 September 2020
10:00am - 5:00pm

Psychometry comes from the Greek term meaning soul measuring. Everything animate and inanimate has an aura. The more frequently an object is used the more likely it is to have a strong aura.

Psychometry is used by police forces and others across the world by using objects to help solve crimes.

This workshop will show you how, by simply using your hands and fingertips, you can unlock the story of the object you are holding.

All of us do this every day when, for example, we shop for a new outfit or item. We touch the item or material, hold it or run our hands over it, and very often say “this will do” or “this is what I’m looking for”. That is you using Psychometry in a small way without realising.

This workshop will help you to grow and develop that ability.

Over the course of the day you will learn how to read jewellery, clothing, photos, unusual objects and learn some new methods that Michelle has developed.

If you have inherited something and you want to know more about its history then please bring it to the workshop.

We are all psychic and this workshop will be an easy way for you to unlock and strengthen your hidden talent.

At the end of the workshop you will leave with greater confidence in your abilities, and a much better understanding of how to channel your skills.

Please be aware that this is an in person workshop taking place physically at the College.

Michelle Hawcroft

Michelle is a gifted seer and medium. In her work, she draws upon the ancient arts of psychometry, tasseography (tea leaves) and scrying to obtain pertinent and relevant information for her clients. As a third-generation medium, she is able to walk timelines, allowing her to see and understand blockages, and what is holding her client back from success. She believes it is essential to offer her clients a path forward and give them the confidence to walk that path.


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