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What's on: 21 Nov

Secrets of the Thoth Tarot IN PERSON EVENT

Secrets of the Thoth Tarot IN PERSON EVENT

Hernan Cotroneo
Saturday 21 November 2020
10:00am - 5:00pm

The enigmatic Thoth Tarot encodes a powerful spectrum of symbolism and meaning. Every composition of the deck is multi-layered with meaning - some clear and bright, others obscure or cryptic. Every colour, line, gesture and object carry a symbolic message.

A dive into the Thoth deck is an immersive study of the occult, hermeticism, gematria, the Kabbalah’s tree of life, astrology, numerology, mythological gods and goddesses, and ritual magick.

The Thoth tarot deck was painted by Lady Frieda Harris, in collaboration with Aleister Crowley's direction. Lady Harris volunteered to produce all the art for the major and minor arcana, saying she was directed to do so by her holy guardian angel. Its unique and fascinating artwork took five years to be finished.

In this introductory workshop, we will explore the core symbols and concepts of the Thoth Tarot in an experiential, intuitive approach, using focused visualisation into cards to discover your own connection with the deck.

This workshop has been designed for those who have some knowledge and experience with a Rider Waite - Smith Tarot deck style.

We will explore:

  • The basic differences between Rider Waite - Smith style decks and Thoth
  • The core symbols of the deck, visualising some major/minor arcana and court cards.
  • Your current connection with the deck, gaining guidance on how you need to approach your learning and development if you decide to work with the Thoth Tarot in the future.

Please be aware that this is an in person workshop taking place physically at the College.

Hernan Cotroneo

Hernan Cotroneo is a psychic medium who also uses tarot in his consultations. He creates a calm and supportive space in which to connect with spirit. His messages contain memories, evidence, guidance and encouragement to enable you to move forward with renewed confidence. Hernan offers insightful and comprehensive readings, bringing clarity to your choices and decisions and providing guidance for the future.


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