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What's on: 19 Sep

CANCELLED  Working with the Goddess of Autumn Equinox ONLINE WORKSHOP  CANCELLED

CANCELLED Working with the Goddess of Autumn Equinox ONLINE WORKSHOP CANCELLED

Sarah Jane Dennis

This event will be taking place online.

Once you have purchased this event we will email with the details for the online platform to access the event. You'll be able to use those details to access the live sessions.

Saturday 19 September 2020
11:00am - 4:00pm

Autumn Equinox, also known as Madron, is a time of balance when both day and night are equal - the days start to get shorter, the nights longer, and the weather gets colder. It is a time when we seek balance in ourselves, healing and taking stock. From giving thanks to our Earth Mother, the living soil that grows our food and crystals, to the air we breathe, and the life-giving rain and ebb and flow of her cleansing waters. For all the abundance in many forms she has helped us manifest throughout the year.

In this practical workshop you will learn how to choose and use crystals - the gifts of our Earth Mother - to connect to her energies and all the nature spirits. You will also learn to ground, protect and clean your own energy field, receive a healing from the Mother of Earth, and give her some much needed healing too.

  • Learn the History of Madron and how to authentically celebrate it, including drumming and songs

  • About the Goddesses of Earth, Harvest Mother, Eartha, Banbha and nature spirits, and ways to care for and protect her

  • How to harness their gifts and healing powers of grounding and manifestation throughout the season

  • How to create and dedicate your altar

  • Create an earth-cleansing and decorating ceremony and ritual

  • Crystal-guided journey to meet Mother of Earth

  • Choosing crystals, cleanse, dedicate and attune

  • Chair crystal healing for each participant

  • Earth healing mandala intentions

This workshop will be live on Zoom. All you need to take part is a computer with a webcam and microphone.

We have chosen Zoom as our online classroom as it's very easy to download and use. If you do not have Zoom, visit https://zoom.us/ and sign up for free.

On paying for this workshop, you will receive an email giving the Zoom link to access your class. Remember to check your spam folder if you don’t receive this confirmation email in your main inbox.

Please email: admin@collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk if you have any questions. We hope you enjoy the workshop!

Sarah Jane Dennis

Sarah Jane is a Priestess of Avalon, accredited crystal healer and a master teacher of Angelic Reiki.


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