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Am I Always Going to be Alone?

Am I Always Going to be Alone?

Art Giser
Wednesday 26 April
10:00am - 5:00pm

Clear and heal unconscious, energetic, and karmic blocks to a wonderful, loving relationship.

Why is it that so many wonderful people do not have the primary wonderful loving relationship that they so desire?

We have all known people who have incredible luck in finding true love. Many would be considered average looking or plain, are not wealthy, and yet they find love.

In this fun and safe workshop you will clear unconscious and energetic programming that interferes with your finding and keeping true love, start to clear and heal karma, and revise spiritual contracts.

You will increase guidance from your inner wisdom and spirit. You will ask your inner wisdom and spirit to find the “right” person for you and find a way for the two of you to meet and fall in love.


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