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Daniel Morgan Jones
Thursday 16 November
7:00pm - 8:30pm

Spirituality and psychic development go hand in hand. By harnessing the power of the force (spirit, Chi, prana, intuition, sixth sense by another name) each of us can develop powers that can help us achieve our full potential in all areas of our lives.

If you are interested in discovering the psychic powers of a Jedi Master, this talk about how you can do just that, is not to be missed.

In 2007 at the age of 21, Daniel M. Jones founded the Church of Jediism. Since then people have joined the movement looking for alternative routes to spirituality outside of established religion.

In this talk followed by Q&A, Daniel will dispel the misunderstandings about Jediism. He will explain how it is not a cult or a religion, or for Star Wars enthusiasts only, but an engaging, enlightening and thoroughly modern philosophical movement.

Daniel Morgan Jones

Daniel Morgan Jones is a philosopher, scientist and musician. In 2007 he founded the Church of Jediism. He has Asperger


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